Earning Allah's Love and Abundance : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Last Tuesday Tariq participated in Brainy Bunch Foundation’s School Holiday Project - Feed the Urban Poor, alhamdulillah!!🥰🥰

Yes, Brainy Bunch School is so awesome that it has its own Foundation to take care of its CSR work! 💕

More than 100 parents and children from Brainy Bunch School participated in this project, MashaAllah!

It was an experience Tariq never had before.

That day, Tariq learn that doing charity means a whole load of things.

Money, time, effort, kind words and smiles that are given away to someone are all part of charity, part of donation!

Tariq’s financial contribution started from the school’s weekly *RM1 Sadaqah Friday* when he donated part of his savings to this project.

Then come Tuesday, Tariq donated his time, energy and love.

The first slot which starts at 5.30pm was preparing the raw materials to be cooked. So Tariq & friends cut the cabbage, carrots, potatoes etc.

The second slot was cooking. Tariq helped stirred the delicious chicken dish in the big pot.

The third slot was packing. And he joined the all-children-super-effective ‘factory’ like assembly line and packed food for 550 people!

The last and final slot was the highlight of the day - the distribution of the food, alhamdulillah around 9pm.

This is when Tariq learn so much.

Observing the guests- young adults, old grandparents, young kids, children around his age, toddlers, babies in stroller, mothers who came to take the food that night,

Tariq learn how much Allah has blessed him with.

He learn that he has so much to be grateful for.

He learn that he must do something good with everything that he has.

He learn that he wants to be an adult who contributes to his community and the world at large and benefit others, InshaAllah!

He learn that when giving food to others, he was the one who needs to smile and say thank you.


Because the person who just received the food from him seconds ago had just ‘given’ him an opportunity to earn Allah’s Love and Abundance.


Thank you Project Kaseh4U under the amazing Sis Normaliza Mahadi for giving the opportunity for our little children and parents from Brainy Bunch to volunteer!

You have helped us plant the necessary seeds needed to raise conscious adults who understand that their time in this world is not only to serve Allah but also to serve His Creations

Tariq helped cut the cakes

Mama was pretty nervous when Tariq insisted that he was to use the scrapper to do the potatoes.. but he did an amazing job MashaAllah!

The early birds preparing the raw materials to be cooked! Good job boys!!

Stir Tariq Stir!!

Listening attentively to the instructions by Kakak volunteer on how to pack the food

Super effective assembly line that packs for 550 guests that night

Now it is time to give away the food Alhamdulillah! The children was reminded to smile and say thank you when giving away the food 🥰

The food distribution line.. Every child has the opportunity..

Part of the volunteers from Brainy Bunch International School who was there!

Children listening to stories post-event about how this is the first meal for some of the people who came to take the food.. look how attentive they are MashaAllah..

Crowd building up as the time for food distribution got closer..

Tariq’s strong hand proved to be an asset when it comes to cutting these hard carrots! 😅

Now Tariq knows the simple job to cut cake can be testing..

Love the focus of these Brainy Bunch children, listening to stories from Aunty Liz Normaliza Mahadi

Uncle Izat gives briefing before the kids start on food distribution.. all wearing gloves to ensure hygiene