The Success Template : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Since Tariq was small, every time when I plan our holidays, I never missed researching for one thing.

It is that particular city's best playground.

My google search keywords are always,

'... best playground in (name of the city/town)... '

And it always bring me to the best playgrounds that city has to offer.

Why are playgrounds always on my itinerary list?

Because to me, playgrounds can bring out the best in our children.

It is fun, they can make new friends, we can spend hours there and it is always FREE!!😂😂😂

But most important for me is the fun, the experiences and the challenges that awaits Tariq in those playgrounds.

The climbing, the falling, the running, the laughing, the rolling, the crawling, the swinging, the sliding, the swaying..

This video is the best example why I love taking Tariq to playgrounds.

The climb looks impossible in the beginning but Tariq persisted. He failed many times but he kept trying.

As he overcame the first hurdle, Tariq is now faced with the second one.

Tariq marched on, changing his techniques and strategies as he tried to get thru the second hurdle.

And after choosing which slides he wants to come back to the ground,  Tariq did a little victory dance.

And now, watch how Tariq walks.

That is a walk of achievement and a walk of 'I did it!!'

But importantly to me is this.

It is a walk that showed me that Tariq's  'SUCCESS TEMPLATE' has successfully been created in his brain, MashaAllah TabarakAllah! 🥰🥰

In summary, this video shows Tariq's determination, decision making, how Tariq pushed his limits and how happy he was after he 'conquered' the playground creating what researchers called,

... the SUCCESS TEMPLATE, MashaAllah TabarakAllah!

So parents dont underestimate the power of playgrounds.

This weekend, take your children out to the best playground your city has to offer.

Let your children play.

Let them discover themselves.

Let them laugh and have fun.

And while doing all that, creating their own SUCCESS TEMPLATE in their brains, inshaAllah! 💕

💃 Fun Facts 🕺

1. Playgrounds encourages healthy emotional development. Children who get to romp around the playground get physical exercise which can help them deal with stress, boredom and serves as a healthy means of dealing with emotions

2. Play equipment in playgrounds can encourage children to be more active, building their muscle groups and fine motor skills in the process.

3. Playgrounds can actually provide essential experiences and development for children in areas as diverse as social skills, creativity, problem solving, reasoning and more.

4. Success Template is a template created and stored in our brain when we successful achieve something. So the next time when we face a challenge, our brain will extract this success template and use it to help us overcome that new challenge we are facing.