Submit and Trust : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Today, Tariq competed in a one-day Swimming Championship Pertanding Renang Piala YDP/MPS in Paroi Akuatik Stadium.

When his Swim Coach, our beloved Coach Irene Irene Hisham told me she registered Tariq for 7 events, my jaw dropped!

My jaw dropped even further when I found out that those events include a few 100m events.

Previously, the most Tariq did was a maximum of 3 events and even then it was in a span of 2 days!

.. Are you sure Tariq can do this, Coach?... , I asked his Swim Coach with cold sweat on my forehead

... Don't worry, I know my Tariq.., answered her so confidently

Can Tariq really swim 7 events in one day?

Will he have enough energy to pull through?

What about his timing?

Will he able to even improve any of his timings?

How do I manage his food intake on that day when his events are only 30mins apart?

These questions were amongst the 100s other questions that haunted me for weeks until the day of the event.

So I did the only thing I can..


Stay Calm..

And submit to Allah my duaas for Tariq..

And SubhanAllah TabarakAllah, Tariq has proven to me that his Swim Coach was right all along.😍

Not only Tariq managed to complete all his 7 events..

Tariq also improved all, and I mean ALL of his timings!!! 🥰🥰

MashaAllah TabarakAllah!!

Only Allah knows how much joy I felt that day!💃💃💃

I also learn something really precious.

That truly, our children can do wonders if only we trust them enough to let go of our own fears.💯

So well done, Mama's amazing Aquaman!

We are all so so proud of you, alhamdulillah!! 🥰🥰

So close with his competitor.. So close.. Nail biting moment..

Tariq needs to maintain his focus. So Maths is the answer to help him do so!

Coach Irene Hisham being cheeky!

 Zabrina, this is how she will look like if you have a daughter! 😂😂

Tariq with a laser sharp focus. MashaAllah TabarakAllah, he looks so determined here..

With his beloved Abie Coco!😍

Personally, this is the best show by Tariq. Tariq is lane 4.

 He swam in this 50m Freestyle, won 1st place in his heat, broke his own personal best timing record and this is his 6th event of the day!

 MashaAllah TabarakAllah, Tariq!! 🥰🥰 Mama love your fighting spirit!