Own Up : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Last weekend, Tariq and his classmates was at a birthday party. 🎊🎊🎊

They had so much fun playing Laser Tag and then it was time for everyone to go home. 

Then, as he salaam one of his friend's mum, Tariq suddenly said in a low and sorry voice,

... Aunty, I am sorry if I make you sad last time when I hurt A..,


I felt like crying when Tariq said that. 😭

Months ago, Tariq had an episode in school. He was playing and got a little bit too excited and accidentally hurt his friend.

Then during a heart to heart talk with Tariq, I said to him,

... Tariq, do you know that A's mum was sad too..,

... Why is she sad, Mama..., asked Tariq

.... Because sayang, A was in her womb for 9 months.. when he was born, she takes care of him so carefully.. she makes sure nothing hurts him.. she protects him from harm... So of course when A got hurt, she is sad...,

I explained to Tariq trying to make him see that everything he did would have beyond one layer of consequences.

So that Sunday, when Tariq suddenly apologizes (especially when the incident happened months ago) to his friend's mum, it made me so so happy.

Because I now know that Tariq is a brave boy who dares own up to his mistakes.

Because I now know that Tariq has a heart that feels and thinks.

And most important for me is this - that he has the humility to apologize no matter how long the incident happened and doesn't feel less worthy of a person when he did so.

MashaAllah TabarakAllah, Tariq!💕💕💕

You made Mama so so happy 😭💖

May Allah guides you always, sayang..💖