Importance of Self Love : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Many many months ago, Tariq experienced something that really saddened him.

He was being body shamed and it really affected him, badly..

Since then I taught him about self-love and importance of positive inner voice.💖💖💖

I know that self-love is one of the bricks in the foundation for guarding against life's constant negativity.

Self love will enable Tariq to walk away from people or situations that are hostile to his mind, body and soul.

.. People can say anything to you sayang.. it is their mouths...

... But it is up to you to believe them and make you sad or ignore them and continue to be happy...

... because it is your ears, brain and heart...., I said to Tariq while hugging him

So I taught Tariq to hug himself tightly, kiss his own hands and tell himself that he loves himself. That he loves Tariq.

Then say thank you for all the amazing things that Tariq has done.

Mention all the good traits that Tariq has.

And forgive himself for all the mistakes Tariq did. And lessons he learn from it.

It feels weird initially but after awhile, Tariq got it.


MashaAllah TabarakAllah! 🥰🥰

I know I cannot protect Tariq forever from negative situations and negative people.

But as a mother, I am adamant to prepare Tariq with the right tools to help him protect himself, inshaAllah!

So be strong my dearest Kung Fu Panda.

Guard your heart.

Guard what you let into your heart.

My duaa and prayers are always with you, 💕

Hug yourself tight, sayang..

Say, I love you, Tariq!

Thank you for all the amazing things you have done..

I love you