Creating Happy Memories: Inspirational Story as a Parent


That day one of my trusted friends helped send Tariq to school as I had a course to attend.

Later that night she texted me.

... Beb, you know just now, the song 'I love you Baby' came on the radio station when we were in the car.. Tariq asked if I know this song.. I said yes, this song is an old song from your grandparents time.., texted my friend

And my friend continued,...

'.... then Tariq said this is Mama' s favourite song. She will sing to me then do this... cubit2 (pinch gently) both Tariq's cheeks......

... it is so sweet that he sayang (love) you and always remember you, beb.. if only I got the video to show you his face when he told me that.. he was feeling loved just by the memory.. ', texted my friend

MashaAllah TabarakAllah.. my heart melts reading her text 💖

I am a believer of memories.

And I invest my time and effort in creating happy, joyful memories for Tariq.

That is why I have thousands of pictures in my albums. I try to record everything as much as I can.

For memory sake.

As I believe it is the experience of memories that Tariq will cherish. More than anything else.

When Tariq was born, I decided to choose a song that is special for me & him. I called this 'Our Song'.

I will sing this song for no reason. While driving. While walking with him. While hugging him. In the kitchen. In the mall. At home.

And I will touch his face, his nose, his cheeks, stroke his hair, dance with him, poke his tummy, giggle and laugh while I sing this song to him.

So this song will remind him of me, my love and make him feel deeply loved whenever he hears it...

I know that I am making contribution into his emotional bank with this song, inshaAllah

And right now, I am feeling so grateful to Allah for the text my dearest friend sent.

MashaAllah TabarakAllah Alhamdulillah for this ya Rabb💖💖💖😭😭😭

We as parents as much as possible need to create good happy memories for our children as that is one of the things they will bring into their future.

And always remember, the best things in life are all FREE, much like the free song I use to create my memories with Tariq, MashaAllah TabarakAllah 💕💕💕

Fun Facts:

Whenever someone is happy and feels love and connected, the body will produce a hormone called Oxytocin. This hormone is shown to help parents bond with their children, adding a sense of trust and support between them. It also helps a child feel more positive emotions.

A 2013 study from UCLA found that unconditional love and affection from a parent can make children emotionally happier and less anxious.

 In 2015, a study out of the University of Notre Dame showed that children who receive affection from their parents were happier as adults.