Close and Bonded : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Last weekend Tariq competed in Malaysia Open International TKD Championship.

He won 2 Gold Medals and 2 Championship Belts, MashaAllah TabarakAllah!!🥰🥰

One Gold for Sparring and the other Gold is for Power Breaking Punch.

I am so so proud of him, alhamdulillah!!

But what makes this win super special was because I wasn't there with him as his 'pompom squad', neither was his dad.

I had a not-to-be-missed 3-day event and his dad was on call that weekend and couldn't get a replacement.

So we tried to persuade Tariq not to compete but he insisted that he can do it without us by his side.

.. Okay Tariq, if you  insist on competing, Ibu (my sister) will be there with you.. together with Abang Hazim, Nazeer, Kakak White Rose and Ateh inshaAllah..., I told him

... Okay Mama.. Ibu is my mother too..., said Tariq with a smile..


My heart melted when Tariq said that..

This was what my father has always reminded me, my brother and my sister.

To keep our children close and bonded so they feel like one big happy family. To always stay in touch. To always visit one another. To care and love our siblings children as our own. So the temporary absent of a parent can be substituted by any one of us , alhamdulillah.

So Tariq marched into the Stadium that day with his new lineup of pompom squad and did so well, alhamdulillah!!

And that weekend, I learn that my little kungfu Panda is not so little anymore, alhamdulillah.

He doesn't need his mummy by his side all the time to cheer for him.

He is really growing up. And slowly but surely becoming a brave young man, inshaAllah alhamdulillah..

p/s: thank you too to all TKD Coaches and parents in Brainy Bunch TKD team who lookout for Tariq that weekend! 😘

Tariq's Pompom Squad that weekend. Thank you so much everyone!! We are truly blessed alhamdulillah 💖💖💖

Tariq on the podium receiving his Gold Medal and Championship Belt

MashaAllah TabarakAllah my little Champion! 🥰🥰

Tariq receiving his Gold Medal and Championship Belt for Power Breaking Punch

2 Gold Medals & 2 Championship Belts MashaAllah TabarakAllah! 🥰🥰

Thank you Dila for this photo!!😘
Tariq, Abang Hazim and Nazeer was there for both days giving Tariq their undivided support. ❤️❤️❤️

Brainy Bunch TKD team with the Medalists for Day One! 🥰🥰

Tariq's Final Sparring which lands him his second Gold Medal and Championship Belt, alhamdulillah 💖

Another Sparring video of Tariq taken by Uncle Nazim Zainal. Thanks Nazim!

Tariq's Power Breaking Punch which lands him his Gold Medal and Championship Belt. Tariq hits 9291 MashaAllah TabarakAllah 💖