Size Doesn't Matter : Inspirational Story as a Parent


That day we went to Singapore for Tariq’s Swimming Competition.

And for the first time, Tariq officially clocked less than 25seconds for his 25m Freestyle.

Tariq’s official time for his 25m Freestyle event  was 22.96 seconds!!! 🀩🀩🀩


This means that he is now swimming less than 1 second per meter!

Well done, Tariq!!!

And as an added bonus, Tariq also received a Gold Bracelet during this competition.

Congrats our little man!

You came a long way but your perseverance, consistency and determination to be the best version of yourself is showing its’ fruits, Alhamdulillah!

Needless to say, Mama and Baba are so so proud of you, alhamdulillah!😘😘😘

Like Mama always tell you, size doesn’t matter.

And that day, you finally really believed me!😘

Tariq with his Gold bracelet.. a satisfied smile 😍Alhamdulillah

A proud Baba πŸ₯°

As usual, doing Mathematics is part of Tariq’s Drill during competition πŸ₯°

No, Tariq is not sleeping.. I taught Tariq to control his breathing and visualize his swim as part of his swim routine..

Banana is a must during swim competition!

It has all the necessary energy booster that is all natural!πŸ₯°

Tariq with his team mates awaiting marching in on the first day of the competition

Official Opening Ceremony for the Swim Meet

Alhamdulillah.. Tariq’s smile is enough reward for me!

Tariq waiting for his event to be called up..

Tariq nearing the finishing line!

Tariq broke his own record in this swim. The first time Tariq officially swam 22secs for 25m!! Mama and Baba super thrilled!! Alhamdulillah!