Definition of Richness : Inspirational Story as a Parent


That day we were at the traffic light.

While waiting for the light to turn green, we saw from far a man walking in the middle of the road, between the two lanes of cars.

He had a sandwich board hanging around his neck. But we couldn’t see what was written on it.

In both of his hands, he was holding bags of plastic bags. And he stopped from car to car showing them what he was holding.

I knew he must be selling something.

So I told Tariq to hurriedly roll down our car window and wave to the man.

He quickly came and we bought 4 bottles of his homemade Mangga Jeruk or Pickled Mango.

As he walked away, Tariq turned to me and asked,

Mama…, is the man rich?

SubhanAllah.. I was so happy with Tariq’s question.

I took a deep breath and answered,

….Yes sayang… he is a very rich man…, I replied with a smile

…. He is rich because he is full of ideas and creative. He knows how to earn his money. Just look at how he sell the mangos. He uses his ideas and creativity  to get his money…

… He is rich because Allah gives him health. Look at him. He does look healthy right..?, I asked Tariq

…. He is rich because he is positive in life. Just look at his smile just now. Tariq thinks he is feeling happy or feeling sad? Everyone who feels happy is rich, you know..

... He is rich because he puts in effort to get what he wants. If he has ideas but doesn’t put in the effort, will he get the money..?

…. He is rich because he is confident of himself. Do Tariq think if he is not confident, he can walk in the middle of the road and sell his mangos?

…. He is rich because inshaAllah he has a family who loves him. That he goes back home today and has his children and wife who hugs and kisses him…

So yes, sayang.. Mama am sure he is a very rich man, alhamdulillah..

….Yes Mama.. Tariq think he is a rich man too.., answered my little man while nodding his head and had a big wide smile across his face, alhamdulillah..

It was then the traffic light turned green. I got into the drive gear and ready to move the car.

And as I glimpsed at Tariq,  I had the most satisfying feeling, happy and totally grateful to Allah for another opportunity to frame Tariq’s mindset.


In all honesty, I knew Tariq was referring to financial richness.

But I want to guide Tariq to understand that definition of richness is vast.

I want him to understand that richness is not merely and exclusively means money.

It means so so so much more than that…💕💕💕