Compassion, Dignity and Respect : Inspirational Story as a Parent


That day we were filling up oil at the gas station. And I saw one elderly man sitting at the entrance of the mart selling keropok.

So I took out some cash and asked Tariq to purchase one pack of keropok and to ask the elderly Uncle to keep the change.

He went there, talked to the Uncle.

I saw Tariq giving the money and then told the Uncle to keep the change.

The Uncle was taken aback. And I saw Tariq said something to him.

Then Tariq salaam and kissed the elderly man’s hands.

The Uncle touched Tariq’s head and continuously looked at Tariq as Tariq walked away towards our car.

When I first saw the Uncle, I knew I had a teaching moment for Tariq.

It was the perfect opportunity  to make an imprint in Tariq’s heart about being  compassionate and charitable.

It was the perfect opportunity for Tariq’s heart to grow and glow.

But when Tariq salaam the Uncle and showed respect to him, my heart just melts away with joy.

I was so happy that not only Tariq showed compassion, but he also maintain the dignity of the person he was helping.

Well done, Mama’s little man… 😘

Your gesture might be simple, but I am sure you have given the elderly Uncle an extra sparkle in his heart. 💖💖💖


You reminded us adults to always treat everyone no matter who they are with respect, dignity and love…

Thank you sayang, Alhamdulillah

You made my day..🥰🥰🥰

Tariq extending his hands to salaam and kiss the hands of the elderly Uncle💕

Tariq refusing the change and insisted that the Uncle to keep the change..

The Uncle continously looked at Tariq as he walked away towards our car..