Calm and Happy : Inspirational Story as a Parent


This is a very precious picture for me.

 Almost all mothers know the challenge we face every single morning.

 Waking up the kids, bathing them, making sure they did their Fajr prayers, getting them ready for school, bags ready, getting them into the car etc etc.

 More often than not, I transform from a delicate dove into a roaring tiger! 🐆🦁

 But since a few weeks ago, I have promised myself that no matter what happened in the morning, I will always be calm and happy.

 And the effect?

 SubhanAllah what you see now in this picture!

 Tariq wakes up happier and happier, calmer and calmer in the morning.


 So mummies and daddies out there, I learn the secret.

 Stay calm, smile and hug your child when you wake them up..

 Slowly but surely, our cranky slow moving little snails will transform into a chirpier happy little birdies in the morning soon enough, inshaAllah!🥰🥰🥰