Think and Evaluate : Inspirational Story as a Parent

 Yesterday, Tariq’s school Brainy Bunch had a school trip to Kidzania, MashaAllah!

 And when he came back, he brought back a lot of ‘cash’ in Kidzania Dollar.

So I asked him..,

...Tariq, why don’t you put your cash into the Kidzania Bank?

And his answer surprised me!

He said it was because he saw his friends did so...and...

... he found out that they cannot take out all their money after putting it in the bank.... fact they can only take out 10 or 20 dollars..

So it’s not fair, right?

SubhanAllah... 💗

I was so happy that Tariq is able to think for himself and evaluate his position instead of just following what others do..

It might be a small thing to some but to me it is significantly important! 😍😍😍

So Well done Tariq!!

Mama so so proud that you are able to think beyond your age and recognized the unjust system, alhamdulillah!!

May Allah continue to guide you, sayang! 😘😘

Aamiin Ya Rabb!! 💕💕💕

Working smart and hard for his money!


Tariq trying to solve some mystery with his CSI team!

Mama miss you already!!!