Determination, Willpower and Fighting Spirit : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Today is Saturday and Tariq competed in a swimming competition.

And despite all odds, he improved 3 from 4 events he competed in, Alhamdulillah!

The thing is we just came back from New Zealand only two days prior to the competition.

Tariq barely has the chance to prepare himself.

And personally, I didn't want him to compete fearing jetlagged, lethargy etc.

But Tariq insisted that I register him for this competition.

And this weekend, Tariq proved me wrong.

MashaAllah, he showed me that he is a tough cookie, alhamdulillah!

Despite zero swimming for 2 weeks before the competition, he broke 3 records of his personal best timing, MashaAllah!

Not only that, Tariq contributed 5 points to his Flying Eagles Swimming Club team tally, Alhamdulillah!

So well done my little darling!

You never cease to amaze me with your determination, willpower and fighting spirit! 🥰🥰


Go Tariq Go!!

Tariq improved his 50m Freestyle and swam beautifully despite no training for 2 weeks prior to the competition, alhamdulillah!!

Tariq waiting for his turn to go up the starting block and swim.

Immediate feedback from amazing Coach Irene! 🥰🥰

Coach Abie checking Tariq's body position at the starting block

Arrived at the Aquatic Center at 6.30am on Day One. We left home right after Fajr Prayers..

It was a working day for Baba so he couldn't join Tariq. But his duaa is always there for you, sayang.. 🥰😘

Uncle Stanley giving Tariq a 'I believe in you' pep talk and hug. Thanks Stan!! 🥰🥰

Coach Abie giving Tariq feedback on his performance. When you have a Coach who won 13 gold medals every single Swimming Championship, you better soak up his feedback, Tariq! 😍

Uncle Pang, who is an Ironman competitor and also father to one of the swimmers helping Tariq improved his tumbleturn for his Freestyle.

 This is what I love about our swimming family. We take care of one another like our own.

Thanks so much Pang! 🥰🥰

Tariq playing some board games with Zara and Maniesha while waiting for his next event

Tariq looking like a pro in this picture!😆🥰

No it is not Tariq's medal but just like a good brother he is, Parvin who won 6 medals that day let Tariq get a feel of his medals.

 Super sweet Parvin! 🥰🥰

Tariq and Zara! Zara was with Tariq during their Brainy Bunch Kindergarten days since they both were 2 years old. Zara also competed in 50m Breaststyle under 8.

 So happy to get to see her and her family that day. 🥰

It was a happy and blissful weekend for both of us alhamdulillah!🥰😘