The Journey of Determination : Inspirational Story as a Parent


Last weekend,  Tariq won a Bronze Medal for Sparring category in a 2-Days event of Asia Pacific TaeKwon-Do Championship, alhamdulillah!🥰🥰

But it was not all rosy and chirpy journey for Tariq.

And it was the first time he cried after losing in Pattern category on Day One.

I can understand why.

Tariq trained hard, has improved so much and thus expecting to win.

So his heart was very much broken when he was not selected to enter the finals on Day One.

As he was sobbing, I tried calming him down by sharing the many Athlete stories who went thru ups and downs, their continuous hard-work and never say die attitude on their way to becoming Champions.

Slowly Tariq begin to lift his head up and his body posture improved.

He began to stand up straight and his eyes began to shine again.

He kept asking me to repeat stories of Micheal Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Ronaldo, Micheal Phelps, David Beckham etc etc over and over again.

I know listening to these stories makes him feel better and stronger. Makes him feel he is not alone in this journey as someone else have gone thru the same things too.

This is what I love about individual sporting competitions.

It provides Tariq with this journey of determination, ability to pull himself up after falling and strengthening his mind and heart.

Mama and Baba are most proud of you for being able to pull yourself together that weekend, sayang..

We know this is not an easy process but we also know this is the training that will benefit you in your future, inshaAllah!😘

You stand up, you fall, you stand up, you fall and still you can stand up again!


So well done Tariq!

You are on the right track, inshaAllah Alhamdulillah!!!💕💕💕

A heart broken little boy.. it’s okay sayang.. you got this!

A Bronze Medal for Sparring!! Alhamdulillah!!

Tariq’s beautiful split in his warm up session that morning 🤩🤩🤩

Tariq’s pompom squad on Day 2! Nazeer, White Rose and her friend

A happy and delighted Brainy Bunch TKD Team with their medals and beloved Master Naim!

Champion for Sparring Category!

Tariq and Nazeer, BFF forever!🤩💕

Morning before the Championship

So manja with Master Naim.. Tariq and Umar💕


Tariq still trying to be happy with his Bronze Medal.. still couldn’t get his sweet smile on his face at this time.. Alhamdulillah a few minutes after that he started smiling again..

Kakak White Rose helping Tariq with his warming up..

Mama loves you, sayang.. morning of the competition day..

The amazing TKD Team From Brainy Bunch!😍