First Ever Crowd Funding Effort : Inspirational Story as a Parent


This Hari Raya ‘Eidul Fitri, Tariq got to experience his first crowd funding project ever!

And he managed to raise RM407 in 5 days from 43 people, Alhamdulillah!!

His awesome Brainy Bunch School has made it compulsory for every student to partially finance at least 50% of their preferred outdoor camp trips.

Parents can only pay maximum of 50%!

And it is not merely asking for money from his potential ‘funders’ like a typical fund raising.

Brainy Bunch students have to perform a service or business proposition or sell a product to all his ‘funders’

So Tariq sold his hugs and kisses, recite Surahs and verses from the Quran, massage his funders, smiles, clean up the table, bring some water, did some pumping, sing, dance, did brain gym, pose for a picture etc etc to earn his money!

It wasn’t easy for a 8 year old to stand in front of someone and explaining his fund raising.

Tariq hesitated, lost his words, flustered mid-way, stammered here and there and even went blank several times!

But Tariq marched on despite all that Alhamdulillah!!

So congratulations our little one!

Mama and Baba so so proud of your efforts.

It is so awesome you crowd funded your own activities at such a young age!

And especially a huge big fat thank you to the amazing Brainy Bunch School for opening this door of financial lesson we parents will never ever able to give.

And giving this opportunity for Tariq to build his confidence and learn at a very young age that he can raise his own money for his projects through crowd funding!!



As of Wednesday 19th June, Tariq’s crowd funding amount has increased to RM567, Alhamdulillah!!

The school’s crowd funding project paper

Some of the services Tariq rendered and the amount he raised

A hug sold to Nazeer for RM1.. Tariq’s first funder! 💕🥰

A kiss for Ummi for RM5! TQ Ummi Tuty!! Siti Mariam Abdul Halim

A hug for Aunty Anna for RM5! 💕

Explaining to Abah his crown funding 💕 

Tariq looks so nervous...

Salaam Abangah, Tariq’s School has a fund raising activity....💕

Aunty Lia amongst the first Tariq spoke to 💕

Tok Long also contributed! 🥰
— with Azmah Bte Mohd Noor and Hamid Sain.

Explaining to his Tok Ibu his crowd funding and then offering to do anything Tok Ibu wants for RM10!

— with Zida Ahmad.

Another explanation of his crowd funding to his uncle

Wan Su adoringly looked at Tariq while he explains🥰🥰

— with Juriah Ahmad.

Tariq dance for his money!

Tariq awaits nervously while waiting for Tok Ndak to think what he wants Tariq to do

Reciting verses of Quran for his Aunty for his RM10

Please fill up your name here Mak Lang.. and thanks for the funding!!

Chop chop harder Tariq!, said his Uncle Fadil!😂😂

Eerrrm... suddenly Tariq forgot what to say!

A big hug for his Uncle for RM10!

So happy waiting for his earning from his Aunty!

Here you go! Your RM10!

A big hug for RM10.. Yeay!!

Being interviewed about his fund raising by his Atok and Wan

Come Uncle help you count how much you already have until now! 😂

Pleas write your name here Uncle..🥰 and thanks for the funding!

Massage is a popular request for Tariq’s Service!

— with Nurkhaznee Bte Muhamad Khalid.

Harder harder!! Hahaha

— with Nurkhaznee Bte Muhamad Khalid.

Poksu will give you RM10 if you let me carry you.., said his sado Uncle! Hahaha

Here is RM5 for taking the drinks for Mokda, said his Aunty

— with Nurkhaznee Bte Muhamad Khalid.

Paklong Khaireez said I will give you RM10 if you take a picture with TokMak!!

Smile for the camera!! 🥰🥰🥰

Tariq’s first funder was Zeer.. here is your RM1... thanks for the hug!!

RM10 for a big smile!!

— with Hamid Sain.

🥰🥰A big hug for Tok Nong for RM10!