Eid's Most Meaningful Picture : Inspirational Story as a Parent


This Hari Raya Aidil Fitri ‘Eidul Fitri, just like many of us here, I took countless of pictures.

But this picture here is my most meaningful picture💕

These are the two men who makes my life so beautiful, alhamdulillah.💗

The older one is an amazing dad.

And the younger one is an amazing son.

They barely get to see one another every day.

And if they do, it was just for a short duration. Maybe less than half an hour a day in total.

The older one is a busy man with many surgical and medical commitments, tending to all his patients most of the time, alhamdulillah.

The smaller one is busy with his many activities, to prepare him for his adult role as Allah’s servant who benefits the Ummah, inshaAllah

Seeing this tender loving hug melts my heart, makes my heart ache a little bit as I know they miss one another so much every single day.

My prayers and duaa daily that they both continue to be blessed by Allah with His Love, Kindness, Mercy, Abundance and Grace.

And may they both be successful in this world and hereafter..

Aamiin ya Rabb💕💕💕

p/s: To all the busy amazing responsible daddies out there, thank you for being who you are. Your family loves you more than you know..