First 12 Days of Ramadhan : Inspirational Story as a Parent

This Ramadan, Tariq outdo himself mashaAllah!
He fasted the first 12 days of Ramadan, alhamdulillah
Of course these 12 days are not without dramas.
.... Some days he was happy and chirpy (while still continuously making sure I know that he is hungry)...
....Some days he just broke down and cry (also while still telling me he is hungry in between his sad sad sobs).... 
...And some days he was just too drop dead tired (but still have enough energy to whine and tell me he is hungry before falling asleep!) 😂
But Alhamdulillah, he made it to Maghrib time to break his fast.
This is the essence of Ramadan, sayang..
Allah is training us to be able to control our base desire, so we can become strong mentally and spiritually, inshaAllah! 
It is a month of training of mind over matter.
For your age, it is merely training to control your hunger and thirst first.
As you get older, Ramadan will continue to bring different kind of trainings and tests for you, inshaAllah..
Baba and Mama are so so proud of you for doing your best this Ramadan, alhamdulillah! 
Well done, sayang!😘😘
And We make duaa that the next 18 days will be easier for you, Aamiin! 💕💕💕

This is the First Day. Still strong and happy even after full day in school.

One of Tariq’s weak days... Mama knows how you feel, sayang...

One of Tariq’s I-Am-Too-Tired-To-Even-Cry Days... he got into the car and fall asleep immediately..

This is one of his very good days..

It makes me wonder if he ‘accidentally’ drink water while making wudhu! Hahahaha

The ‘Dont Talk to Me’ Days..

The ‘Mamaaaaaa... I am hungry days’


The Better Days

The ‘I have just enough energy to watch TV While Waiting for Maghrib Days’

Wake me up when it is Maghrib Days...