When Voting, Choose Wisely - Inspirational Story as a Parent


Dear Tariq,

Remember today, sayang. We balik kampung so Mama can cast my vote tomorrow at my hometown, inshaAllah.

Besides efforts like duaa and prayers, this is something Mama can do tomorrow in hope for a better Malaysia for you and your friends, inshaAllah.

Although Mama’s area has been gerrymandered, Mama knows Allah is the Best Planner.

Everyone can plan, but His Plan is the Best.

Mama so happy that your amazing school decided to close today so we can all travel comfortably to exercise our rights.

And in our case, you get to accompany Mama! Thank you CEO Mohd Fadzil Hashim and Brainy Bunch!!💖

Bear in mind sayang, that groups of people come and go, parties changes and come and go, individuals come and go...

So when it is your turn to vote in the future, choose wisely.

Choose those who are relevant to you and your people during your time. Not those who are stuck in the yesteryears paradigm of emotions and sentiments. Choose those who can govern. And can govern well. Choose those who can offer justice to everyone. Because Islam is just. Choose those who do not bring fear of Islam to the non-Muslims. Choose those who can bring people together united. And choose those who build bridges amongst all His Creations. Because our beloved Prophet (SAW) taught us to do so.

Most importantly, always seek and ask Allah for His Guidance.

Love always,
8th May 2018