Training In Ramadan - Inspirational Story as a Parent

I am so happy and grateful.

Exactly on the 7th day of Ramadhan, Tariq achieved his aim to fast the full day, alhamdulillah!!😍😍🌟

He broke his fast at 7.17pm, upon the Azan of Maghrib prayers!

It all started on Wednesday when his Brainy Bunch Tae-Kwando teacher, Master Muhammad Naim Abdullah challenged Tariq to fast till 6.30pm. At that time he was fasting up to 6pm only.

And his master said he will call Tariq after Maghrib to check on him.

Upon reaching 6.30pm, I asked Tariq if he can just wait a little bit more till Maghrib time.

He said yes but with the promise that I let him eat ice cream when he break his fast!

The last 20 minutes proves to be the most difficult time for Tariq.

He was just laying on the carpet. Barely moving. Barely say a word.

Then Tariq took my phone, click in the Azan Apps and watched the seconds of countdown to Azan Maghrib!

I know that must be pure torture for him..

The time wont move faster, sayang, no matter how fiercely you stare at Mama’s phone.., I told Tariq
But Tariq eyes were fixed and he kept on staring..and staring.. and staring...

Till the very last second..

And the Azan Maghrib that day feels like a celebration of a 6+ year old boy in controlling his mind!!


Thank you Master Naim for the much needed push!

And right after that, Tariq strike a new deal with me.

One day full day of fasting, One day halfday of fasting.

Haha. Okay la sayang. Mama give chance to you.


Tariq, if your eyes have laser, Mama’s phone would have by now shattered into pieces already!
The much awaited duaa makan..
Tick tock tick tock... at the dinner table still staring at Mama’s phone..
Earlier on Mama asked Tariq to go up and take something... you crawled your way up... hahaha
For a hungry boy, he just needed his rice and a bit of lauk.. simple mashaAllah..
Done Iftar... Oh now you can smile... hahaha