Ramadhan is a Month of Training - Inspirational Story as a Parent

First day of Ramadhan, I picked Tariq up from school at 5.10pm.

The moment he saw me, the drama starts.

Tariq asked if he can break his fast and drink water.

Why sayang... it is just less than 2 hours before Maghrib time.., I tried to persuade Tariq.

All of a sudden, he burst into tears.

Tariq, be strong sayang... sekejap je lagi... just a bit more...think about the poor people who dont have water..., I said.

And before I could finished my sentence, Tariq say in the saddest voice while still sobbing...,

...But Mama... Tariq is not poor... Tariq got water...., he said while lifting up his water bottle to me.

OmG! He missed my point! Lol!!

To cut the story short, we strike a win-win deal.

Tariq can break his fast today at 5.15pm but tomorrow he must fast until 5.30pm.

And we will add 15 mins extra everytime till he could do a full day fasting until Maghrib time, inshaAllah!

Mama Baba are so proud of you, sayang..

You put in the effort. That is most important thing.

And the fact that you asked permission to break your fast, it means you didn’t cheat in your fasting too, alhamdulillah!

Remember that Ramadhan is a month of training.

We train how to control our desires, our mind, our emotions and ourselves.

We learn that we can dictate our brain and body and not the other way around.

Although it may seem so hard at first, know that it will get easier sooner than later as long as you keep practicing, inshaAllah!

Tariq crying so sad asking permission to break his fast... so when I gave permission, he gobbled up the water in one breathe!
Tariq’s first sahur.. wakey wakey up sleepy eyes!

Our first Solat Taraweekh together💖