Tariq's First Sports Day - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Yesterday Tariq had his very first Sports Day as a Year One student, alhamdulillah! 

And the Sports Day theme this year was Ancient Civilization! 

Tariq belongs to the Green House and they represents the Viking Civilization and called themselves The Green Vikings! 

Other civilizations were Greek Civilization (Blue House), Chinese Civilization (Red House) and Egypt Civilization (Yellow House). 

How awesome is that?! 

All these years, when Tariq was in kindergarten, he would get a gold medal just for participating. All kids do. 

But this year was different. 

Tariq had to compete for the medals. 

And Tariq’s teachers had brilliantly selected him to compete in the 4 Side Tug-of-War! (Coz Tariq sure cant run fast! ) 

And Tariq has the huge responsibility as the anchor too! 

 Each team had to pull to the side and ring the bell held by a referee at the end of each team. 

So true to the spirit of a Never-Say-Die and Fight-Till-Your-Last-Breath of a Viking Warrior, Tariq and his teammate, Aidan, fought with all their might despite falling down over and over again to win 2 out of the 3 rounds! 

Tariq's winning and final round lasted less than 15 seconds! 

And that landed Tariq and Aidan their first Gold Medal and full points for Green House! 

Alhamdulillah!!The moment Tariq rang the bell, his teachers were so happy! 

One did jump, one hugged both of team immediately, while another carried Tariq on his shoulder and one fanned them with all her might! 

So well done, Tariq and Aidan! Your fighting spirit make us all so proud!! 

And the cherry on the cake was that Tariq’s Green House the Viking Civilization became the Champion for the Brainy Bunch International School Sports Day 2018! 

*Who are you? 
We are the Green Vikings! 
Who are the Green Vikings? 
The King of Sports!! 
What are we gonna do? 
We are going to win no matter what!! 
*The Green House chant 

Generous parents donating to Brainy 
Bunch Foundation during the 
Sports Day! Thank you parents!!💗
Baba, Mama, Tariq and
 Nazeer after Tariq’s win!
Shopping some pre-loved books after his event
Tag team Tariq and Nazeer doing their bit for Brainy Bunch Foundation
Happy Tariq smiling for Uncle Mohd Fadzil Hashim’s camera!😍
Mama’s sandwich board boys!!
Tariq ready with Adam, his team mate to perform for Sports Day opening ceremony
Tariq after his event. A slight pain around his wrist. 
No pain no gain, sayang!
Pull Tariq pull!
Can see the stress on Tariq's face while pulling the rope to his direction.
Tariq doing his close to perfect split!
Thank you, Uncle!
Getting ready for the next round
So garang and fierce all the Vikings!
Tariq took a glimpse to his back moments 
before he rings the victory bell!
All the 4 Sides using their might to 
reach the bell first and win the round!
Tariq is part of Brainy Bunch Taekwando School Team!
The Green Vikings
Happy Aidan with Gold Medal
Tariq’s Uncles and Ustazs massaging Tariq and 
Aidan preparing them for the next round!

Super happy after his event with his beloved
 Zeer who came to cheer him up
Go Go Vikings!!
Massage massage... like a pro wrestle! Hihi
Pull Tariq Pull!!!!
Tariq’s Gold Medal.. 4 Side Tug of War!