Good Deeds vs Bad Deeds - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Yesterday on our way back from school, Tariq asked me to share some Prophet stories starting from Prophet Adam as.

So I talked about Prophet Adam’s creation, the angels, the devils, the heaven and the hellfire.
Then came a question..

Mama.., if Tariq do good things this much and then Tariq do bad things this much ... same same amount... can Tariq still enter Paradise?.., asked Tariq with a serious face while his hands gesturing a balance scale..

I paused for a moment and said,

Tariq.., because Allah is Most Kind, Most Forgiving and Most Loving... maybe... just maybe Allah will still let Tariq enter Paradise if you do good things and bad things equally...., I said,

But.., just like in this world, there are small cars, big cars, fast cars, slow cars, cars with cruise, cars with aircond, cars with no aircond, cars with fridge, cars without fridge, cars with open roof and cars without open roof...

Maybe if Tariq can enter Paradise, because Tariq do good and bad deeds the same amount...Tariq will only get a very small and slow car with no aircond.., where as Baba and Mama who do many many good deeds... more than bad deeds.. will get from Allah a super fast car that has cold aircond, big seat, open rooftop, cruise and maybe a car that can fly too!

Noooooo!!!!, screamed Tariq

Okay okay!! Tariq will do more and more good deeds, Mama! Tariq wants a big and fast and flying car too!!

Hahaha. Alhamdulillah!

Tariq, Tariq... you should know by now not to tease Mama that way because Mama will always come and ‘bite’ you back!