Tariq's First Gold Medal! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Tariq just won his very first National gold medal, alhamdulillah!!

A few days back, Tariq competed in a National Level Swimming Competition Karnival Bakat Pelapis organized by the National Sports Council of Malaysia. 

Competitors came from all over Malaysia. 

Tariq participated in 6 events altogether. And won 3 medals, alhamdulillah!

One bronze, one silver and one gold.

But it wasnt an easy journey for Tariq.

He missed his many chances to get the gold medal.

He got 5th place, 4th place, 3rd place and even 2nd place. 

Several mistakes he did in those events caused him his Gold Medal. 

And because of that, Tariq learned what a burning desire is. 

What it feels like to really want to achieve something. 

So just before his last and final event, Tariq said to me.., Mama... Tariq wants the gold medal..

So here is your chance, sayang...this is your last event for this competition.. give it everything you have.. be very focused when you swim.. kick super fast.. swim with perfect technique Coach taught you.. the closer your are to the yellow timer board, the faster you kick... you want to be the first swimmer who touches the yellow board.. dont bother about other swimmers... it is just between you and Allah... make duaa to Allah and do your best..., I said to him

Yes Mama... Tariq remember Mama said.. it is all in Allah’s Hand.. and Tariq must just do my very very very best.., answered my little Tariq

And with that in mind, Tariq swam his heart out in his final event 50m Freestyle Group 6 (5-6 years old) in the midst of his team mates and Coaches screaming his name and Tariq won his first National Gold Medal, alhamdulillah!!

Alhamdulillah!! Alhamdulillah ya Allah 💖💖💖
Tariq needed socks to
wear under his fins to a
void the fins falling off
during competition
Tariq waiting in queue
for his event 50m Dolphin
Tariq with his team..
Abang Andika and
Abang Zidane whom
both improved on their
personal best time. Far
left is Coach Ho, national
swimmer and far right is
Abang Abie.. also Gold
Medalist and Record
Holders of multiple
swimming events
Tariq’s Result list for 50m Freekick
with Board that landed his first National
Gold medal, alhamdulillah! 

The event that gives
Tariq his very first National
Gold Medal, alhamdulillah..
Tariq’s very first National medal
was actually the bronze medal
for 3rd place in 50m Freestyle with Fin!
Tariq doing some Mathematics
while waiting for his next event.
The life of a competitive swimmer..
Tariq first taste of what
it feels to get a medal.
He was super happy with
happy hormones rush all
over his system!
Tariq waving to Mama on
his way to take his swimming lane
Tariq waiting for his event to start..
Still in Cloud Nine... 😂😍💖
Super happy super grateful Mama with Tariq
Tariq just came out of the
medal room after receiving
his gold medal and people
started taking his photos. I
guess Tariq’s size made him
an underdog and caught people
by surprised when he wins the 50m!
Tariq’s Result List for
50m Dolphin Kick. Silver
2nd place alhamdulillah..
Swimmers Kids will either
read books, do Maths, place
boardgames like chess etc
while waiting for their events..
no video games, no phones,
no gadget!
Tariq’s Result List 50m
Freestyle with Fins
Tariq surrounded by ‘admirers’
after receiving his first gold medal.
Tariq waiting in queue
for in event with other
Intense moment when Tariq
got a piece of mind from his
beloved Coach for making
mistakes in his event that
caused him a medal.
Tariq performing his Fajr prayers
before leaving home for his competition.
Come to Prayers, Come to Success!💖
Tariq with his awesome Coach
Irene Hisham who embodies everything
what a great Coach is! Love you Coach!
Tariq with his team mates..
Abang Dinesh and Kakak
Visale so happy celebrating
Tariq’s Silver Medal!💖
ariq’s First Gold Medal! 50m
Freestyle with Kickboard alhamdulillah!
Tariq’s First National Medal,
alhamdulillah 💖 50m Freestyle
with Fins
Tariq with all his 3 medals. Gold for
50m Freestyle with Kickboard, Silver
for 50m Dolphin Kick with Kickboard
and Bronze for 50m Freestyle with Fin.
Well done Tariq! Alhamdulillah!
Abang Hazim came late at
night just to be there to support
Tariq! Thanks Abang! Muhammad
Al Hazim😍😘
Tariq and his Abang Abie..
State Swimmer with many
gold medals and records
under his name! 😍
Tariq and team mates Aragorn
Sta Maria waiting for the event
to be called up.. they swim in the
same age group... so happy together 😍

The heart stopping swim that landed Tariq very first National Gold Medal! It was so close. Mama could barely breath the last few seconds!
The 50m Freestyle with Fin competition where Tariq got his very first National medal! It was Bronze 3rd place alhamdulillah!

This intense and very close swim landed Tariq his second medal. Silver for 50m Dolphin Kick💖