Tariq's first ever Qiyamullail! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Alhamdulillah, last Friday Tariq attended his first ever Qiyamullail... 

Which also meant that was the first time Tariq slept without me since the day he was born.

Plus, Tariq’s first time sleeping in a tent!

So Naturally, I was a little bit anxious..

Lucky for us parents, Tariq’s school broadcasted the whole affair using Live FB on the school FB page!

Thank you so much Brainy Bunch International Islamic Montessori!! You guys are awesome!!

So there I was peeping tomming my son the whole night watching their solat, tazkirah, zikir, dinner makan dalam talam, islamic lecture talk and of course the Qiyam at 5am itself!

When I picked Tariq up, he was truly happy and immediately told me he wanted to do Qiyam again and again and again!

It was then I knew that the beautiful seed of Qiyam has successfully been planted in Tariq’s memory so Qiyam Standing up for Prayers at night will alway bring great happy feelings in Tariq, alhamdulillah.. inshaAllah Aamiin!

 Tariq with his mattress, pillow and clothing supplies..
Tariq and a few of his classmates
getting ready to go to Islamic Hall
Tariq waving goodbye to Mama just before
entering Islamic Hall for his Qiyam program.
Bye2 Tariq.. Mama misses you already..😭
Happy boy in the morning! Alhamdulillah!
Tariq’s first experience
makan talam according
to Prophetic traditions,
Too many things, is it Tariq?😂😂
Tariq so happy waiting for Maghrib prayers. The children prayed at the school field.
Tariq with friends making zikir while waiting for other students to arrive..
Tariq with his friends
Tariq’s Ustaz captured this
picture just before they started
the Islamic Lecture after Isya’
This is where the children sleeps😍
In the tent under the sky!🌟🌟🌟
Tariq and friends ready to sleep in the tent!
Tariq changed into his
PJs before sleeping in the tent
Very attentive students mashaAllah!
Mama print screen the image from FB Live
Mama captured this image
while on Live FB and screen
shot it! It was right after Fajr
prayers alhamdulillah!
Things to bring..
Tariq’s First Qiyam!