Chinese New Year in Cambodia - Inspirational Story as a Parent

During the recent CNY holidays, we took Tariq to Cambodia for the first time, alhamdulillah.

It was a long awaited trip, so Tariq was very excited.

And our focus this time was to give Tariq an introduction to agriculture.

Something like Agriculture 101 for him. 

Lucky for us, his Uncle Julien was there with us! 


So we brought Tariq to visit Black Pepper plantation, Rubber plantation , Coffee Plantation, Pineapple, Pear, Cashew Nuts plantation too. 

We also visited a local NGO whom we have worked with for many years.

Plus, we got to visit the farmers families, and experience for a short few hours their lifestyles.

And as a bonus, Tariq got to see how his Uncle Julien shoot some videos using drones! 

Amongst the first thing Tariq saw and got really excited was when he saw the Tuk Tuk! 

Mama!!, he exclaimed excitedly... Tariq saw a motorbike and it hs a car tied behind it..!! 

That was a statement I never forget😂😂

Tariq was totally happy to experience Cambodia! 


You see Tariq, Cambodia is just one of our colorful ASEAN countries.

And Mama is so happy that you now start to understand and appreciate how amazingly diverse Allah has created this world to be, subhanAllah.. 😍💖
In front of Pineapple fruit ‘tree’
Tariq was amazed that the
rubber of the ball he plays
with comes from this tree!
At the Headquarters of CACIQ with
their Chairman, Ustaz Yusof
Tariq at the farmers village
Baba also wants to try to
sleep in a hammock but got
nervous! Hahaha
Farmers’ Village in Cambodia.
Close up of a coffee bean 😍
Tariq amazed to see the
many different sizes of black pepper!
If you zoom in, you can see
the fisherman village homes..
many of them even live on their boats..
So manja..
In front the biggest Masjid in Phnom Pehn after Friday prayers
Tariq so excited to see a Cashew Nut tree for the first time!
The famous Tuk Tuk! Tariq loves the ride!
Caught Tariq cheekily sipping
Uncle Julien’s coconut drink while
Julien was engrossed talking to Dr Hamid! Lol!
Tariq and Uncle Julien riding a Lexus car! Lol
Wau Restaurant, a good halal food in Cambodia😍
Tariq playing with Adik Furqan.
This is how Coffee Beans looks like!
This is what Pear tree looks like! You can see the pear on top right side.
This is where the water of the water sprinkler in the plantation comes from, Tariq.. explains Uncle Julien
Too hot so Tariq and Uncle Julien dozed off on a hammock!
Entrance of our boutique hotel in Phnom Penh
Tariq and Baba having breakfast on
the mountain top of Mondulkiri. This
mountain borders with Vietnam.
Sunset at Mekong River, Phnom Penh.. subhanAllah..
Tariq and Baba at the Black Pepper Plantation in Snoul, Cambodia
A beautiful and clean Rubber Plantation in Cambodia..
Just before our Sunset Boat Ride
Goodbye Cambodia!
A beautiful and healthy black pepper mashaAllah!💖 It looks like mini grapes, really 😍
Tariq and Baba admiring how the white coffee flower changed to.. a brown coffee..
Tariq smells the sweet coffee flower. Amazingly, this coffee flower smells like tea! SubhanAllah!
At last! Tariq was begging to sit in front and at last he got it. He was still so happy even if the car is not moving!
Tariq watching how drones took videos controlled by just this gadget!
One of the few halal restaurants in Cambodia 😍
Tariq had a morning run with Uncle Julien before breakfast
I think I should really learn to stop asking Tariq to smile for the camera!! Lol!
Just one of the many many rooftops in Cambodia. Beautiful mashaAllah!
Tariq performing his solat Maghrib at the humble Musolla Surau in the farmers village..
This is said to be one of the best coffee in Cambodia.. Robusta!
Most houses in Cambodia looks like this. They are built on high pillars. Underneath the house is where families and friends socialize, also serves as a storage place. This home is owned by an architect in Cambodia