Tariq Starting Year One! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Today is so special.💖💖💖 

It is Tariq’s first day of school as a Standard One or Year One Elementary student. 


It is not as what I expected it to be. 

I thought I would cry, I didnt. 

My brother, sister and friends thought I would camp inside my car with binoculars watching Tariq from a distance! 

But I didn’t. 

In fact, I behaved well.. 

I just became the very last parent who left the school compound... which was at 11.45am.. 

Okay la kan.. Lol. 

And most of all, I thought Tariq would be nervous, he wasn’t. 

In fact he was so relax and immediately engaged with his new homeroom Aunty and Uncle and new friends, alhamdulillah! 

And seeing him so happy, confident, excited, giggling away, smiling ear to ear in class, put up his hands participating in class, communicate with his teachers, make friends instantly, follow instructions, share his stationaries, queue in line, wash his own plates, go to the washroom himself, ask questions etc.. 

All those showed me that those 4 years of early education in Brainy Bunch Montessori is well inside him, alhamdulillah! 

Thank you Brainy Bunch Kindy and your amazing team!

Needless to say, Mama Baba are so so excited for your new phase, Tariq. 

We are pretty sure you will be happy and enjoy learning at your new school, inshaAllah! 

A school where you play while you learn, where there is no homework and there is no exam because assessment is done continuously, where you have to clean the toilet and your class plus serve your friend food because the Japanese and Finland education are incorporated and many many more! 

So grow well our dearest son, inshaAllah! 

Grow wholesomely, and live true to your school motto - 

Success in both worlds, InshaAllah Aamiin ya Rabb! 💖💖💗💗💗 

Tariq woke up at 6.15am and is ready for school by 6.45am
The night before the big day, Tariq prepares his bag.
Mama and Baba during the parents briefing session..
Salam and kissed Mama before going into his class..
Pray Solat Subuh first before going to school, alhamdulillah💖
Ustaz Aden Sacra taking photos of the early students..
Me me me.. not sure what Aunty asked but I am sure happy to see Tariq understood and responding, alhamdulillah!
After they eat, kids will need to wash their own plates and dry them!
On the way to take his meal..
Queueing for breakfast
Mama peeping into Tariq class.. biasa la kan..
A proof that I was there!
Uncle engaging with his students.
Queueing out of class
Mama!!, he said.... Tariq!!, I shrieked!
What a super happy face after a full day in school! Can he be any happier?? Alhamdulillah!!
Looking at his class list names.
Bye bye new friend!
Near the field after school.
Bumped into Amina, Tariq’s kindymate last year! Yeay!!
The long list of classes with students names to guide parents to the classes..
Hi Mama!! Tariq looks so happy when I picked him up after a full day in school
A week before we went to buy his school uniform.
Yes, tae-know-do is compulsory here! Haiyak!!
Zeer as always, teman Tariq..
Inside his class appratus
Inside Maths class apparatus
Inside Science class
Brainy Bunch Elementary Life Skills😍
After school
Breakfast time!

A short video of class activity early morning..