Domesticating Tariq - Inspirational Story as a Parent

I am not done domesticating Tariq and suddenly it is the last day of school holidays! 

Alhamdulillah for the school holidays but why must it ends so so fast? 😭😭😭 

From tomorrow, Mama will temporarily lost my ‘plus one’ to go to market, to do groceries, to go window shopping, to go to bookstores, to just have tea and talk about Ultraman and Dinosaurs etc etc.. 

Not to mention belum sempat to teach Tariq how to boil water, cook rice and cook egg telur mata kerbau! 

Surely Mama will get post school holidays blues tomorrow onwards😭😭😭 

The house will suddenly feel so quiet.. 

Tariq follows Mama to market and learns how to choose fresh fish.
Another day in the market and another chance to practice his looking for fresh fish skill
Now following Mama to get supplies for some gardening work. But he got interested in the yellow construction helmet instead!
Taught Tariq the various types and varieties and how to choose electrical items like Toaster and Oven before we purchase them.