Trip to Mukah, Sarawak - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Just within 24 hours after we landed in Malaysia from our memorable Umrah trip, we were back in KLIA.

But this time, our destination was Mukah, Sarawak. One of my cousins got married to a Sarawakian😍

And Tariq was so excited to experience his very first Twin Otter flight!

Before the flight, Everyone was asked to step on a scale bcoz everyone’s weight must be recorded to make sure the Twin Otter can fly. 

That was the only time I was traumatized! Haha

The sound of the engine was kinda deafening, and the fact that we were able to watch the pilots take off, fly and land the plane because there was no door between passenger and cockpit was outright thrilling! 

It was a few times when the plane went ‘jumpy’ and we were all screaming happily as if we are on a roller coaster! 

Of course, our hearts keep making shahadah too!

The plane flew so low that my brother’s phone has reception all the way. 

There were 12 of us so it looks as if like we have chartered the whole plane.

At Mukah, we landed at the smallest airport we have ever been to. 

Our Twin Otter was parked right infront of the airport door, it felt like a car parked infront of our house! Haha

And the airport building looks exactly like a single storey bungalow lot, I kid you not.

After Mukah, we went to Miri. And Tariq experienced his very first Iban Longhouse. We absolutely love the concept of longhouse.

We also visited one of the best Mini Crocodile Farm in Miri, visited the Grand Old Lady and watch the angry but beautiful waves of South China Sea at Coco Cabana.

Alhamdulillah, all in all, it was a wonderful trip to end a wonderful school holiday for Tariq and everyone!

Tariq got to experience kampung environment, unique flight experience, unique Iban culture, Allah’s beautiful nature and many more, alhamdulillah!

I pray that the neurons in his brain keeps making connection and firing actively right now inshaAllah 💖💖💖

Lastly, congrats to my beloved Aunty, my dad’s baby sister for menerima menantu pertama. Love you, Su! Juriah Ahmad😘😘😘
Tariq with Captain Nathan. He gave Tariq a flying pin. Thanks so much Captain!
Tariq and his cousins after a thrilling flight from Bintulu to Mukah
Tariq infront of Twin Otter MASSwing before take off
Coming out from Twin Outer using tiny stairs
Fire Engine
Pray we must..💓
This is how the inside looks like. No door between passenger and pilots so we get to watch how pilots work!
The Iban community sitting area ie corridor where they mingle. Behind Tariq are the Iban ladies doing shopping
City boys in kampung!
The cutest airport in the world. Tariq is standing on the weighing machine for passengers. All passengers must be weighted to make sure the Twin Otter is able to lift us up.
Tariq and his cousins went for a swim at the Resort
Tariq inhaling the wind of South China Sea breeze..
He walks like he owns the road in the kampung!
I took this picture on the flight. It was that low so we can actually see the houses and even cars movements
We own the plane! Haha
Another view from Twin Otter
Tariq with the upcoming and future Gold Medalist for Badminton! The J brothers!
Tariq and swimming cannot be separated
With his Abanglong at our own longhouse in the resort!
At the Grand Old Lady
On a ferry in Mukah. Since this is night time, we could actually see the many pairs of eyes of the crocodiles just hiding inside the bushes in the river..😱
Tariq with his Abah, Ummi, Grandmas, Aunty, Brothers and Sisters!
The cutest Balai Bomba! At Iban Longhouse
At Mukah, the kampong folks said there are many crocodiles in the river. So Tariq and his cousins decided to ‘wait’ for the crocs to emerge!
Tariq holding a live baby crocodile. He loved holding it so much that he wants to bring home one! — at Miri Crocodile Farm.
My beloved cousin and his beautiful bride💗
We shop at Market in Miri!
On a horsey!

Big yellow snake
I can really bring Tariq everywhere. Here he is eating the kampung dish during kenduri and having a great appetite! So sedap he said 😍
Behind this fence is one of the biggest crocodile in the world! You must see the Supercrocodile yourself to believe how huge it is!
This cute grandpa is amongst the elderly in the Iban Longhouse. Her earlobes are so unique.
Waiting to be boarded. We own this airport too! Haha
Tariq and Abang Ateh looking all giddy after the exciting flight on Twin Otter!
Tariq loves the Iban Longhouse!
The Iban longhouse has 48 houses on one stretch! And it is double storey too!
I showed Tariq how a public phone works. He was so excited that phones can use coins! Haha

Listen to the sound of the Twin Otter!