Tariq & Financial 101 - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Today Tariq did one of our end-of-the-year rituals.

He cracked open all his piggy banks in front of the Tabung Haji officer!

Tariq was so excited. 

Beratnya Tabung (piggy bank) Tariq! Banyaknya duit Tariq.. !, he claimed excitedly after seeing the ‘mountain’ of coins he has in his piggy bank...

.... And not realizing the weighless RM1 is worth much more than that heavy 50cents syiling! Lol

While waiting for the Tabung Haji officer put Tariq’s coins thru the coin machine,

Tariq said to me.., Mama.. Tariq remember what Mama say Tariq must do with my money..

What is it, sayang..?, I asked 

Mama said Tariq can use a bit to buy toys and books, and Tariq must give sedeqah a bit to help people, and Tariq must keep a bit also.., correct kan Mama..?

Alhamdulillah.. oh yes sayang.. very the correct!

I am so thankful that Tariq finally understood his Financial 101! 

Especially the sedeqah charity part, which is the first lesson of How to Increase Wealth 101, inshaAllah God Willing! 😍