A Great Swimming Year! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Last weekend we went to Labuan for the 2nd LIS International Swimming Championship 2017. 

It was Tariq’s final swimming competition for the year 2017, alhamdulillah! 

During the training weeks, I told Tariq, the only thing you must do is to do your very best. 

So he asked.., how Tariq know Tariq do my best.., Mama? 

Easy sayang...,.. you just know it in your heart... you will feel very happy.. you will feel very satisfied.. right here in your heart...., I said while touching the upper left of his chest. 

And with the aim to do his best, Tariq broke his own personal best record in the only event he competed! 

And he even improved his start by not landing flat on his tummy like a LAT’s kampung boys anymore. Haha. 

He actually dived into the pool fingers first followed by his head, abdomen and last his legs. 

Well done, darling! 

Tariq clocked 1 mins 16 secs for 50m Freestyle under 8 years old, breaking his own personal best record of 1 min 32 secs which he made in Melaka just a few weeks ago! 

When I told Tariq of his new record, his face beamed with happiness, his eyes twinkled and he has the widest smile. 

Mama..! Tariq know Tariq do my very very very best just now... because Tariq feel very very happy here..!, he said while pointing at his heart. 

MashaAllah, that is right sayang. 

Always remember that Mama, Baba and Coach Irene Hisham only want one thing from you - just simply do your very best, put in your strongest effort and then, leave the rest to Allah. 

So well done my little one. We are so so proud of your effort! Alhamdulillah. 

Swimming 2017, let’s call it a wrap. 

It has been a great year, Alhamdulillah!! 

Tariq’s Personal Best Record for 50m Freestyle since beginning until Labuan Championship 2017
Tariq’s personal best record for 25m Freestyle and 25m backstroke for 2017
Tariq went to salam his Baba for blessings before his event. Duaakan Tariq ye, Baba! 💗
Showing off his event sequence: E11H3L8.
A happy and satisfied face after his event. Well done, my love! Mama and Baba so proud of your effort!💖😍😘
Swimmers spend time waiting by playing games that stimulate their brains. No gadget. No electronics.
Baba will read every details of Tariq’s swimming official book cover to cover and will keep reading until the event ends! Especially where Tariq name is. I always tease him. Baba loves it to see your own name in the book, right? Tariq bin Abd Hamid? He will lol sheepishly..😜
Look at him. So seriously reading. Lighten up Baba. This is not as hard as your surgery..😂😘
Bye bye Mama! Tariq being accompanied by his beloved Abang Zidane to the Marshall room.

Thanks Zidane! You always take care of Tariq!😘
Waving to Mama while waiting for his event to be called up. Good luck, my love!😘
Borak like kawan lama but actually they just met. Chatting and giggling.
One of the perks of swimming is you will make friends from everywhere!
Baba already standing by the pool side, ready to give Tariq his full support!😍
Lepas swimming, apa lagi.. what else to do.. eat eat and eat!! 😂😂
Next day, we went Duty Free Shopping. Like Jakun Mama looking at the chocolate pricing!😍😍
See what I mean? They just hang around the food area to eat😂
If you go to Labuan UTC Market, find this Kakak Sharifah. Her booth is D213 and her handphone is 0128303371. So baik, her price is cheap and so jolly too. Find her and you wont regret😍
We had a team dinner that night at Mawilla Seafood by the beach. There were 16 people eating and it cost less than RM450!!😱😱😱 Where to get like that in KL??😭😭😭
I got this picture posted by the organizer’s official photographer.
Perhaps Tariq’s bulat-ness captured his eyes and he decided to snap him! Haha
Uncle Nitya say Tariq looks like the Labuan’s Don😃
Tariq and Abang Parvin visitng Museum Marine Labuan. Abang Parvin said put your hands up and do like macho man... Tariq puts his hands up but go and do the surrender sign! Hahaha
Tariq and Baba strolling on the Labuan Beach.
So kesian this eel... too huge to be put in this small aquarium..😭
Tariq right after his event.
Tariq and Keegan.. They play they argue they merajuk then they play again they argue they merajuk... and the cycle continues..lol
Tariq never missed the opportunity to sit on the trolley bag!
Just arrived at Labuan Airport.. waiting for our bags.
We arrived!! The first batch arrived at Labuan.. Tariq, Abang Kayden, Abang Kylan and Adik Keegan with Mama and Aunty Karen Hoon Sta Maria
This is Coach Irene Hisham’s contingent for Labuan. From 16 years old all the way to 6 years old.

Both of the 16 yo got a gold and silver medals! The rest of the swimmers break their own personal best time.

Well done Kiddos!🌟💫👏🏻😍

From front left: Tariq, Zidane, Keegan.
From back left: Amsyar, Kylan, Kayden, Amir, Parvin.
Missing in the pic: Queenesha.