What Would You Ask For In Paradise? - Inspirational Story as a Parent

It was a fun night, last night.

As much as we can, we always try to link back everything to Allah and hereafter.

So, last night, Me and Tariq were competing against one another who will ask from Allah the more awesome requests when we are in Paradise. 

And our imagination went so wild!

I told Tariq that I will ask from Allah for a castle made from glittering diamonds; then Tariq said he will ask Allah for a castle made from titanium metals.

Then I said I will ask for a white unicorn with feathers that releases gold dust when I ride it; and Tariq said he will ask Allah to give him a big flying horse that has swords all around it!

Wanted to outdo him, I said I will meet Prophet Solomon in Paradise and ask him to teach me how to talk to animals; then Tariq said he will also learn how to talk to animals and tell the animals to come to his big castle and play in his even bigger farm!

So it went on and on and on...

And after an exhaustingly super wild imagination face off,

I said to him.., Tariq..., Mama knows Mama knows... Mama have the best request to ask Allah! You can never beat this one!

What Mama.. what..? Tariq was so curious.

Mama will ask Allah... jeng jeng jeng.... to..... make.... Tariq a baby again so Mama can hug and kiss and carry and cuddle you!!!

Noooooooooooooooo!!!!, screamed Tariq in horror.


See Tariq.. You have to work harder to beat the master.. hihi