Laughing Whilst Finding the Right Words - Inspirational Family Stories

Tariq’s Baba has many peculiarities. 

Amongst the ones I enjoyed the most is when his brain misfiring when it comes to easy words.

Not those complicated medical jargons, scientific names etc. Those are easy for him. 

Like for example today morning, Tariq was helping in the kitchen preparing for his Shamiza BrainyBunch Seremban Dua Kindy’s Farewell party.

Confidently, he asked Tariq..,

Are you preparing for your school’s Potpourri, Tariq..?

Tariq was like.., what is Potpourri Baba..? 

Me on the other hand already burst out laughing which immediately makes Tariq’s Baba know he had used the wrong word.., again.

Okay.. okay.. whats the right word for it..? He asked me, already started giggling himself.

Claypot? came another attempt..

Omg! Try harder Baba..!, 

Squinting his eyes as if he is trying to squeeze out the right word from his brain, he took a few seconds and blurt out..

Potluck!! Potluck!!


Yes, well done, my love. 

The right word is Potluck!🌟⭐️💫😍 🤣

Bursting out loud at his own brain misfiring! 🤣

Tariq helping out in the kitchen this morning

Still trying to convince me and justify that Potluck sounds very similar to Potpourri and Claypot!