Facing Setbacks - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Three weeks back, Tariq participated in another swimming competition ASUM/NSC/MILO Junior Splash 2017 in Melaka.

There were 900 swimmers from all over the country competing, mashaAllah!

Tariq broke his own personal best time for 50m Freestyle and clocked a new best personal record at 1 min 32 secs, alhamdulillah!!

His old record was 2min 23secs he set at the same tournament last year.

We were so happy!!

But it wasn’t all nice and dandy.

That weekend, Tariq learn a valuable lesson in life.

That after a failure, you have to face it, learn from it, buck up, suck it up, re-focus and move on.

Tariq participated in two events. A 50m Freestyle Relay and a 50m Individual Freestyle Event.

The first event which was on Friday was a relay event, scheduled at 5.05pm but was delayed to 9pm due to many earlier false starts, re-swim etc.

Needless to say, after waiting from 11am, Tariq was too tired and lethargic by the time his event started at 9pm!

He swam so badly. I mean, really really bad. He even created his own swimming style!

They couldn’t disqualify him coz he still seems to be swimming like a freestyle, but, actually, he wasn’t.

I was upset. He was upset. His coach was upset. The crowd was just too shocked to even cheer for him. A totally bad end for his first day.

On Saturday morning, I did a post-mortem with him. I showed him his video recording and asked him what went wrong, what he could do better and what should he do in his next event.

Fast forward Sunday morning, Tariq arrived at the Aquatic Stadium fully charged and ready to do his best.

And that, he did, mashaAllah!!

He was poised, focused. He remembered all his techniques. And he swam his heart out. He swam like a champion. He swam his very best!

I was emotional and shed a tear when Tariq’s hand slammed the wall clock.

My little boy has learn a major life lesson at very young age.

Once I faced a major setback in my life and my dad lovingly said to me,

‘... it is not what you face that makes who you are, it is how you respond to your situation that makes who you are..

To my Tariq, at 6 years old you have learn this life lesson Mama took tens of years to learn, mashaAllah.

May you always remember this every time things don’t go your way..

Tariq with his beloved support team.. Nazeer and White Rose 😍😍😍

So tired waiting for his event that Tariq fell asleep.. this is swimmers life during competition.. they play, they eat, they sleep, they read, they pray while waiting for their events to be called up..

On the way to the Hang Jebat Aquatic Stadium😍

Tariq’s event on his arm

Tariq’s new best personal time on official record now! Alhamdulillah!

With Mama.. πŸ’—

Swimming kids spend time playing chess, game board, coloring, reading and playing card while waiting for their events to be called. I see none, zero, nil of the swimmers playing with gadgets mashaAllah!

Manja... makan pun nak Coach Irene Hisham suap.. hihi😘

This is so funny. Tariq keep farting and every time he farted, he will tell Uncle Kevin. After a couple of time, Uncle Kevin (one of the swimmers dad) said to Tariq... you must hold all your gas in and only release it in the pool so you can go faster!! Hahaha. Tariq loves the idea!

A picture after his best performance. You are the best Coach Irene Hisham!

Just after warm up session with his swimming buddies..

Look at the board, Tariq.. says Coach Irene Hisham to Tariq when Tariq asked her when is his event..

On your mark..

Friday. So dark at night already. Closing to 9pm and Tariq’s event was still not called. Kakak Sofea Shabib Bachok, Kakak Sarah and Aunty Bib are always there till the end to support TariqπŸ’–πŸ’–

A kiss from Mama before his Sunday eventπŸ’‹

Waiting for his turn.. duduk macam dekat kedai Mamak! Lepak style πŸ˜‚

With Coach Abie 😍

Warm up sessions..

Sep atas tas tas... sep bawah wah wah... Sep siku ku ku...
One of the games Tariq plays with Nazeer to fill up their time πŸ˜„πŸ’—

ariq, Nazeer and Abang Kayden 😍

Coach Irene Hisham gave last minute guidance to TariqπŸ’–

Tariq and Baba πŸ’–

Hahahaha.. Tariq goofing around with Keegan!

Getting ready..

Abang Dinish writing down Tariq’s event number on his hand..

Well done, Tariq! A high-5 from Coach Irene Hisham😍

Pep talk from Mama while Tariq changing into his competition pants just before his event is called up..

Just back from his event- A confident boy who is totally happy because he did the best he could that Sunday morning! Alhamdulillah!

The official book..

Fooling around with Keegan, his relay buddy

Tariq is at the lane closest to the camera. Watch Tariq inventing his own freestyle. I called it Gliding Freestyle! He silenced the crowd.. πŸ˜‚

I think the swimming technical officers too are not so sure how to treat this new technique. Tariq is technically not violating any freestyle rules but then he wasn't really swimming freestyle as well.. hihi

Tariq’s comeback! The crowd was excited (and nervously) cheering for him!! They lovingly remembered him as the boy who swim strangely on Friday. Hahaha. They cheered for him all to the end! Well done my little one alhamdulillah. You made us all proud! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–