A New Sticker Holder - Inspirational Story as a Parent

I saw Tariq sitting at his book corner so focused doing something..

I came closer and saw him doing his Marvel Heroes Sticker Book we recently bought at MPH Bookstore.

But then, I also saw his face was full of those Superheroes stickers.

Tariq.., why are there stickers all over your face..?, I asked him

Because Mama.., Tariq fingers not enough.. see.. this finger already have one sticker, this finger one sticker, this finger one sticker... , said Tariq while showing me his very hard working fingers..

..... and this hand, Tariq want to use to take the stickers out from the book.., he continues

So that is why Tariq must put stickers on my face..!, explains Tariq to me..


Okay la sayang...

If using your face as a sticker holder makes life easier for you, then by all means, use your face as a sticker holder!

Mama fully support your face’s newest function! 😂

Take one and...

Stick it right inside the book!

First time in my life I saw a boy uses his face as a sticker holder!