Grateful and Thankful to Him - Inspirational Story as a Parent

As our new Hijrah year approaching with too many tests, sadness, cruelty and negativity happening, I reminded myself to always believe and trust in Allah’s Plans. 

No matter how painful it seems to be.

And to be grateful and thankful to Him.

‘.... If you are grateful, I will give more..

Which of Allah’s blessings, do you deny...’;

are amongst words I remind myself constantly.

So I train my mind to look at the simplest things and be grateful for it.

Like the simple story below..

Tariq learns something new.

Tariq’s Baba come home from work and sits with him on the small kid chair.

Tariq excitedly shows his Baba what he is learning at that time.

Tariq’s Baba is happy to see his son’s tiny steps progress.

And gives Tariq a well-done-Baba-proud-of-your-effort hug.

Tariq’s Mama smiles to see the special moment father-son bond forming.

And thank Allah profusely for His many blessings.

The end.

Baba being a Maths buff is so delighted!

Tariq just learn what a cone looks like. He just realized that the ice cream cone’s cone is a cone shape! Hahaha

Tariq showing off his deeper understanding of the word ‘before’, ‘after’ and ‘between’ using Mathematics to Baba.

And give Tariq a hug and a well done pat on his shoulder.