A+ for Effort is the Actual Prize - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Last weekend was a such memorable weekend for Tariq.

We travelled to Singapore for Tariq's very first Singapore Swimming Club Invitational Midget Meet.

It is called Midget Meet😄 because this competition is meant for kids 9 years old and below.

There were 3 countries participating - Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.

Tariq together with his Abang Zidane who is a 9 year old, registered for both backstroke and freestyle events.

And during this exciting weekend, Tariq swam his hardest and..

He received his very first Silver Bracelet for his 2nd place in the Backstroke 25meter Event Heat 1 for 6 years old and under!!😍🌟🌟

And the Gold Bracelet recipient was just one second faster than Tariq!

On top of that, Tariq broke his own personal best time record for both the events he was competing in.

His previous best time backstroke 25meter was 1min 10 seconds. 

And his new personal best time for 25m Backstroke is now down to 47.81 seconds! 

Tariq was literally 22.19 seconds faster!


We were jumping up and down so happy when we saw his new timing. 

It was so unbelievable, alhamdulillah!!

And for freestyle, his previous best was 1 min and his unofficial time was about 44 seconds. We are still waiting for the official time from the organizer.

(Update at 1.25pm, we just received an email from organizer. ****Tariq's official time for his 25m Freestyle is 39.74 seconds!! A 20.26 seconds faster than his previous best record. We are beyond happy, alhamdulillah!!)😍🌟🌟🌟

Abang Zidane also received a Silver Bracelet for his Freestyle 25m for 9 year old, mashaAllah!

Well done Tariq and Zidane!! 😘🌟👏🏻💪🏻💖😍

You both make us all so so proud.🌟🌟🌟

As Tariq's parents, me and his Baba are very clear on our goal.

Winning medals is an awesome result. No doubt.

But the most important thing for us actually is the training of discipline, focus, dedication, confidence, determination, continuous improvement and persistency that Tariq receives before his medal.

Now, that is Tariq's actual prize! 😘😘😘

So swim on our little champion! We give you an A+ for your effort! Bravo!! 💪🏻🌟😘💖🌟🌟🌟
One for the family picture! This is the first time Baba Hamid Sain sees Tariq swim! 😍😍
Baba was beaming with pride the whole time!

Abang Zidane cheered and waited for Tariq right at the end of the pool and terus give a brief of Tariq's backstroke performace! 😂😍

Keluar from pool right after his freestyle event, Coach Irene said well done and Tariq terus say he is hungry! Haha..
Coach Irene Hisham

I captured this perfect technical backstroke from Tariq!😍
Tariq's thumb on top, palm facing inside as Tariq's hand coming out of water..
Coach Irene Hisham

Coach Irene Hisham as always.. giving Tariq advice and reminder for his events💗

With beautiful Coach Irene Hisham and dashing Coach Abie!
Tariq wanted to mimic the Olympians biting their medals tapi salah hold his so now he looks like he is wearing braces instead! Lol

Perfect backstroke ending, Tariq!

Happy Champions- Zidane and Tariq with Coach Abie!😍

Yes, you can do it, Tariq!
We took this picture one day before Tariq event at the pool

Tariq's hands are straight mid way, upper arms touches Tariq's ears then Tariq's turns his palm facing out as his hand goes back into the water..

Just arrived at Singapore Swimming Club at 7am on competition day

Tariq going back and forth eagerly checking the white board to see if organiser already called for his event

In the second VIP holding room, kids get to watch a few minutes of cartoon before they are called up for their event... maybe to help calm down their nerves..

Tariq listening to some last minute words of advice from Coach Abie💗

Tariq so happy showing off his Silver Bracelet for second place 25m Backstroke Heat 1!
He even broke his own personal best time record.
It was 1min 10seconds and his new record now is 47.81secs!!👏🏻👏🏻

Tariq in the first holding room, waiting to be transferred to the VIP Second Holding Room
And Tariq found a new friend from Singapore and they started chatting.. wonder what they chat about..

Posing with their Silver Bracelet!
Both Tariq and Abang Zidane got second place in their heat! Well done, little champions!! 😍

Tariq getting ready for his freestyle 25m event

Tariq and Zidane in their March Pass before the event.

And Tariq pinky finger clearly at the most bottom ready to touch the water..
Awesome techniques, Tariq!

Tariq with the dedicated Coach Abie 💗

Steady Tariq.. walking to the pool for his event..

Tariq's event is being called to the pool and off he went.. good luck Tariq!!
He looked so focused!

Tariq taking his place for his backstroke event

Tariq's very first Silver Bracelet.
Excellent Swim! Congrats my darling. Mama Baba so proud of you. A+ for your effort!

On your mark..