Kids really do say the darndest thing! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

That day, Tariq suddenly developed a rash. It was a bit itchy and Tariq's skin became slightly reddish. 

Immediately I reached for my T3 Oil from my handbag.

Earlier this year, I was introduced to a company that has more than 350 safe, affordable and more importantly- mostly chemical free products, mashaAllah. 

Since then, slowly I change all our household, skincare, toiletries etc to this company.

And their Melaleuca T3 Oil is amongst their best home remedies from their Medicine Cabinet range.

So I quickly pour a few drops of the T3 Oil and rub on Tariq's rash.

Mama.., why Mama use T3 Oil to rub on Tariq's rash..., asked Tariq

Well sayang.., T3 Oil has anti-bacteria properties. It means that it will help kill all the bacteria on Tariq's skin when Mama use it. It is the bacteria that makes Tariq's skin itchy. So when T3 Oil kills the bacteria, inshaAllah the itch will go away..., I explained to Tariq carefully.

Then suddenly, his eyes twinkled and he has a big grin on his face.

With his pointing finger up, Tariq said excitedly., 

Ohh..! Mama..! Mama..! Tariq know.. Tariq know..!

Know what sayang..? I asked Tariq

When Mama put the T3 Oil on the rash, the T3 Oil will kill the bacteria right..? So when all the bacteria killed already, then the goodteria will come..!

It took me 2 seconds to process what Tariq just said before I burst out laughing!


It never occurred to me!

That my T3 Oil will kill all 'Bad'-teria and after that, all the 'Good'-teria will come... 


Kids really do say the darndest thing! 🤣💗