Entering Big Boys School! - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Since Day 1, I believe in letting Tariq live his life as how a child should.

So the last 6 years was just loads and loads of super fun, alhamdulillah!

It is all about exploring, playing, being curious, happy, developing good manners, God consciousness, having confidence, learning responsibility, enjoying himself, loving books, respecting others, caring for the younger ones and elders, be a good friend, be helpful, caring for the animals and environment, learning empathy, being charitable, asking questions and all this kind of sorts.

I never cared that he doesn't know how to read then. 

Not important. 

What is importance is love for books.

Because I believe that anyone can learn how to read in 3 months.

But love for books and knowledge, that, we must cultivate from young.

And now, time is ripe to take up a notch.

Especially when Tariq's Primary One assessment is just around the corner.

Next year Tariq will be entering Big Boys School! 

Primary One. Standard One. (Sob, sob.. no more cute little concerts..)

So, my little Tariq, time to learn how to read those words from the books you make Mama and Baba read for you every single night!

I know phonics can be challenging AND confusing at times.

But inshaAllah, Mama knows you can do it, babeh!!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻