A Mastercard Moment - Inspirational Story as a Parent

I picked Tariq up today at 12noon from his kindy and drove straight to KL for his right brain class. 

But half way there, I started yawning non-stop and needless to say, I knew I had to take a quick nap.

So I detoured into one of the R&R and parked my car. 

Tariq..., Mama need to take a quick siesta okay... coz Mama woke up at 2am today morning... Mama too sleepy now..., I said to Tariq.

Okay Mama..Tariq will play Ultraman with Kakak first..., he answered

So I reclined my car seat and covered my face with the small pillow we always carry in the car.

Gently, Tariq peeped underneath the pillow, giggled slightly and said..,

Comelnya Mama nie (Mama is so cute..)

Then he leaned forward and plant a kiss on my forehead..

OmG... SubhanAllah..

This must be one of my Mastercard moments..

Because the feeling when your son kissed you on your forehead without being asked is...