The Importance of History - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Every morning before going to school, I asked Tariq to salam, kiss and hug his Baba before we leave the house.

Today morning, when Tariq wanted to do so, his Baba was watching a Youtube Channel.

Whats that, Baba..? asked Tariq

Baba is watching History Channel. It is about the Ottoman Empire.., answered his Baba 

What is history channel..? curious Tariq asked

And his Baba, a history buff, started explaining to Tariq all the whats and whys we must learn history.

So, now, Baba is watching about the Ottoman Empire. About one very brave Muslim warrior.., said his Baba enthusiastically.

Oh.., Tariq know Tariq know! Like the history of Dinasours kan Baba? Tariq must learn the history of Dinasours. Tariq must learn what happened to the Dinasours, where they live, why they die.., said Tariq eagerly

His Baba too flabbergasted to answer. Lol.

Dinasour pun Dinasour la Tariq..

As long as you got the concept, that is the most important thing.

Tariq scratching his head coz pening pening sikit.... confuse confuse sikit listening to Baba's explanation😅

Enthusiastically so bersemangat Baba explaining importance of history to Tariq

See how both are fixated on the screen?