Tariq's Sports Day 2017 - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Last Sunday was Tariq's Sports Day. 

We were a bit nostalgic about it as this Sports Day is the last Sports Day for Tariq as a kindergartener.

He will be entering Primary Standard One next year.

I can still recall his very first Sports Day in 2013. He was in Playhouse. 

I had to be at the field with him, holding his hands and at times, carry him during the marching dance. I think I might dance a bit too! 

Not only that, I too had to play the game with him, encouraging him to continue running with his then-tiny little feet, clapping and cheering all the way, encourage Tariq to pick up the colored fish and match it with the same colored pail. It was tough! Lol

But last Sunday, Tariq was independent. 

He was also the Mascot for his kindy wearing cardboard outfit that transforms him into Optimus Prime Transformer. It was super cool! 

But more than that, his last and final game touches my heart. 

The game was called Canoe. Tariq with his best bud, Rafael, 'boarded' the 'canoe' and sandwiched his little Adik Amin in the middle. Amin is 4 years old. Tariq was the navigator while Rafael is the sweeper. These two roles- navigator and sweeper are important for the survival of any mission. In the middle is Adik Amin who holds the paddle.

This really sums up the learning in Shamiza BrainyBunch Seremban Dua and all Brainy Bunch campuses.

Montessori system mixes the ages of children from 3-6, so the young can learn from their older friends, while the older kids will learn leadership.

Tariq was once a follower, and now he learns how to become a leader to his younger friends, alhamdulillah.

And at the end of the day, watching Tariq berborak with his friends, hugging and laughing together just makes my heart so happy alhamdulillah.

To all Aunties in Brainy Bunch and BB team in HQ led by dearest brother Mohd Fadzil Hashim, may Allah bless all of you with Jannah and everything wonderful in this life and hereafter.

We are forever grateful 💗

Tariq's best buddies in his Kindy!

Tariq laying tummy down on the ground to complete his big truck Optimus Prime illusion!

Beside him is Humairah as a motorbike!

Yeay! We did it!

This second game is quite tough. Tariq must transfer the beans to his friend's cup that is on their head. It is about precision and estimation. Dont play play! Not easy you know..

We did it! Tariq with his Aunty Kyra

The canoe making a u-turn after successfully stacking up the baldi!

Four little cheeky cutie pies! Tariq is so sun burned!

Every child is a winner! So everyone gets a gold medal. Yeay!!


A champion hug for Mama!

Aunty Fatin has been with Tariq since 3 years ago. Watching Tariq grow under her wings

The only family photo we got that day! Took before the games begin

This blue box is where we keep Tariq's medals. Today Tariq add one more medal into this box!

Adik Amin playing manja2 with Abang Tariq. Abang Tariq playing big brother role really well

Hi Mama! Mama standing by the sideline, absorbing and enjoying every single bit of this Sports Day

This dance moves is hilarious and cute! Parents were laughing and giggling all around

Adik Amin, Tariq and Rafael..

These are the beautiful souls we will forever be grateful to..

Tariq's Aunty taking off his outfit to get ready for the Marching Dance routine

Go canoe go!!

The Wheel on the Bus goes round and round!

So thirsty!