Tariq's First Money 101 Lesson - Inspirational Story as a Parent

That day Tariq was sitting with his cousins. 

They look so cute sitting in a circle, all counting how much 'Eid money duit raya angpau they managed to collect. 

'Tariq.., look.., Nazeer punya duit raya banyaaaak..(Nazeer got a lot of Eid money..), said his cousin in his cute 6-year old voice and facial expression while showing all the notes he has received.

Tariq looked at his cousin's pool of money for two seconds and then answered,

Duit Tariq laaaaaaagi banyak (Tariq has much more money)....

At this point, my internal siren immediately went berserk and I was ready to 'pounce' on Tariq for saying such a thing.

Then, Nazeer asked.... Ye ke Tariq? Berapa banyak Tariq ada (How much do you have)....?

Banyaaaaak ( A lot).. Dua belas ringgit sembilah puluh sen..(twelve dollars and ninety cents..), answered Tariq happily and chirpily.

Hahaha. Immediately my siren when off.



I never raised Tariq that way so yes, his duit banyaaaak (a lot of money) statement freaks me out.

So later that night, I took some time to give Tariq his very first Money 101 lesson.

Tariq..., the money that we have, we have it because Allah gave us. So, meaning the money belongs to Allah. But Allah gives us so that we can use the money a little bit for ourselves, and the balance we must use to help other people. When we help other people, Allah will love us more and more. Then Allah said because we use the money to help other people, Allah will give us more money so we can help more and more people. That is why, the money we have is not for us to tell others how much we have. Because it is not ours. And Allah give us so we can spend a bit for ourselves and spend a lot to help other people.Do you understand sayang...?, I explained to Tariq carefully.

Yes, Mama... Tariq understands.., Tariq nodded and smiled,

And then he said with a twinkle in his eyes..,

.....So Mama... the little bit money Allah said we can use, can Tariq use the money to buy iPad?


OmG!! My pep talk backfires!!!


Memang anak bertuah.