Taking The Perfect Selfie!

We were having our Family Raya Makan Besar Night that day. 

While waiting for our food to arrive, my brother Ahmad Nazrin Imc shared a selfie technique he learn from Kevin Zahri.

Baba.., the camera should be at eye level, angle your face a bit to the side, and your eyes should look up.., said my brother to my hubby Dr Hamid Sain

Dr Hamid received the information, interpreted it and processed it to create an outcome.

And this is the result!

We went LOL cannot tahan Dr Hamid's literal brain interpretation!

Hai la Dr genius sorang nie... susah betul sometimes... hahaha!

The Student - Result? Fail! Haha

The Teacher - he makes it look so easy!

Our Family Raya Makan Besar Night 2017😍😍😍 alhamdulillah!