Children Remember What We Say - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Just now Tariq was enjoying his Toast Butter Bread, chewing the wholemeal bread slowly..

And that is after him eating (also slowly) his half boiled eggs! 

Naturally, like all mummies, I was getting anxious as time is ticking and I dont want Tariq to reach his school late.

Tariq..., quick la sayang. Dont hayal2 dreaming. Eat your food quick. We are getting late..!, I said trying to urge him.

He look at me and said,

Mama..., kan Tariq must chew Tariq's food properly...if not Tariq's tummy must do more work coz Tariq's teeth did not chew food properly...



Masa nie la my own words nak backfire me!! 😭😭😭

Chewwww... cheeeeewwww... chew...cheeeeewwwwww....chewwww....cheeeeeeeewwwwwwww.... adoi...