Blessings from Allah (swt) - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Today morning Tariq was slightly late going to school.

Since he is late and will missed Solat Dhuha at his Kindy Shamiza BrainyBunch Seremban Dua, I decided to practiced Solat Dhuha with him while we drive to his school. 

We pretended as if we are traveling on the plane and praying. 

Once we reached his school, Tariq asked me.., 'Mama happy tak sebab Tariq prays..?'

Of course Mama happy sayang.. because you prayed.. so one day when Mama die, the angels will come to Mama's grave and bring gift from Tariq.. the angels say to Mama..this is from your son Tariq.. he prays just now so Allah wants to give you reward because Tariq prays.. so even when Mama is in the grave Mama knows Tariq is a good boy and prays..., I said to Tariq.

Immediately Tariq hugged and kissed me.

Then he said, If Tariq prays ten thousand times..?

Then angels will bring gifts to Mama and Baba ten thousand times too.., I answered Tariq.

What if Tariq becomes old and then die? Who will bring gifts for Mama and Baba..? asked Tariq with a very worried face.

Oh, if like that, it means Tariq will also have your own children inshaAllah. You will teach your children how to pray. Then when your children pray, angels will bring the gifts to Tariq too. And because Mama and Baba teaches Tariq how to pray, the angels will bring the gifts to Mama and Baba too. And because Grandpa and Grandma teaches Mama how to pray, the angels will bring gifts for Grandpa and Grandma too...' I explained to Tariq trying to make him see the beauty of Multi-Level reward Allah has prepared for His Servants.

Immediately Tariq's face brighten up.

Nanti when Tariq has children, many many children (oh my..hihi..), Tariq will teach them how to pray Mama... just like how Mama teaches Tariq how to pray..!, said Tariq smiling away..

And just like that, Tariq has made my morning so beautiful and chirpy... Alhamdulillah..
(*Ya Allah... Please make me and my descendants from those who prays..😍😍)