Quran Captures The Heart - Inspirational Story as a Parent

I was reciting the Quran after Fajr prayers when Tariq woke up. 

He crawled down his bed to me, put his head on my lap and said,

Mama.., can you read for me Surah at-Tariq? Tariq want to hear Surah at-Tariq..

Sure sayang... That's your favourite Surah, isn't it?.., I said to him and immediately bookmarked the last verse I read.

Yes, Mama.. Tariq loves Surah at-Tariq.., he said with twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his face.

I opened the Chapter and started reading..,

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem...
Wasamaa'i wattaariq...
Wa maa adraaka mattariq..
Annajmus saaqib...
In kullu nafsil lammaa 'alaihaa haafiz..
Fal yanzuril insaanu mimma khuliq..
Khuliqa mim maaa'in daafiq..
Yakhruju min bainissulbi wat taraaa'ib..
Innahoo 'alaa raj'ihee laqaadir...

Tariq listens attentively as I read the whole Surah till the end.

I know he doesnt understand a word I was reading but that is the miracle of the Quran. MashaAllah.

We dont even have to know the meaning but it will still capture our hearts. 

Young and old, regardless.

Quran is so important in our lives that one of frequent duaas I make for Tariq is this,

'Ya Allah... please make solat to You (prayers) and Your Quran as the source of tranquility of Tariq's heart and mind..'

May Allah accepts my duaa.. 💗