Controlling Your Brain - Inspirational Story as a Parent

On 18th Ramadan, one day after his birthday as usual I picked up Tariq from school after Asr about 5pm.

The moment his Aunty opens the door, Tariq rushed out with his bag, he looked at me and shrieked,

Mama, Mama! Cannot talk. Cannot talk! Lets go home now. Quick quick. Tariq hungry. Tariq hungry!

I was puzzled for a second then his Aunty said.... 

Dr, Tariq fasted today. He didnt eat or drink anything until Asr just now.

SubhanAllah!! Alhamdulillah!!

I was so happy!

If I calculated from the moment he slept (coz he didnt have sahur or breakfast), he has been fasting for 17 hours! No wonder he was hungry.

In the car, I told Tariq how proud I was of him.

See sayang.., Mama told you you can control your mind. Remember what Mama said? Allah told us to fast because Allah wants to train us self-restrain. Allah wants to train us to control our brain, our mind. We can tell our brain what do to. Not our brain control us. Even if our brain says that our tummy is hungry and our throat is thirsty, we can tell back our brain that we are fasting. So we are not going to eat or drink. Mama is so proud of you today because you control your brain!.., I said to Tariq

Yes, Mama. Today Tariq hungry pun Tariq dont want to eat. Tariq control Tariq's brain today..!, answered Tariq 

Haha. Thats the way sayang. That is how it should be. We control our brain and not our brain control us.

Well done Tariq, mashaAllah!! Mama super happy for your achievement today! 

Alhamdulillah! ⭐️🌟💫🌈💖😘😍❤️🌹