Trust instead of Promise - Inspirational Story as a Parent

This picture of Tariq was taken at Coles Supermarket Self-Checkout Machine in Adelaide and it has a story behind it..

Very early in the trip, I was presented with a learning opportunity for Tariq.

When we first checked into our hotel, we were given two room keycards and Tariq wanted to hold one of them.

I was anxious by Tariq's request, but thought it would be a good practice for him.

What is the worse that could happen? We would just lose the keycard, right?

So I said,

Tariq.., since you want to hold our room keycard, Mama will trust you with it okay. Can I trust that you will take care of our room keycard..?, I asked him

Can Mama... Mama can trust Tariq..Tariq will take care of the keycard properly...,he answered me with glittering eyes and a wide smile.

So I (nervously) gave him one.

And he quickly slide the keycard into his pants pocket which has no zipper!

Adoi, what a test for Mama self-restrain not to take back that keycard.

I decided to use the word Trust instead of Promise because Trust means it is all about him. I want Tariq to have a sense of competency and autonomy. To be responsible for his own behavior with this huge responsibility. Trust means I am banking on him, I believe in his ability to deliver while a Promise means he is giving me assurance that he will do something.

And since that, every time Tariq wants something, he will said to me.., Mama can trust Tariq..

And thats the line he used when he wanted to manage that checkout machine all on his own.

Wow, it really makes a difference in his behaviour, alhamdulillah!

And he proves himself worthy of his words too, as he never lose our room keycard the whole trip.

Instead it was his Baba who actually the one who lost his room keycard!

Well done, Tariq!

Mama prays that you are able to strengthen this beautiful trait of Prophet Muhammad SAW in you to be a trustworthy citizen of the world, Aameen inshaAllah!