Our Edutainment Trip to Adelaide - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Our Edutainment Trip for Tariq to Adelaide this time has brought a totally refreshing experience. Alhamdulillah.

We went to Farms, Zoo, Beaches, Playgrounds, Museums, Markets, Mosques and Animals Natural Habitat.

At the Farm Barn, Tariq was super excited when he saw the little white and black lambs. He actually chased after the lambs only to hug and carry them around. 

I really think Tariq has fallen in love with those little lambs. And there is one lamb which I think was smitten by Tariq too. It keeps on following Tariq everywhere and looking up to Tariq, as if talking to him.

One time we were riding a tractor, I said to Tariq,

Tariq.., Mama knows you said you want to be a surgeon like Baba inshaAllah...but even if you are a surgeon, you can also be a farmer. You can buy a farm and put all your horses, lambs, sheep, cows, chicken, goose and all your farm animals at your farm. After you come back from hospital, you can come and play with your lambs...

I can...??, Tariq's eyes twinkled.

Haha. So cute.

Also during this trip, for the first time, Tariq was able to watch Australian Sea-Lions, Long-Nosed Sea Lions, Koala, Dolphins and Hedgehog in their natural habitat.

It was a priceless experience when Tariq saw the Dolphins swimming around our ferry on the way to Kangaroo Island.

Or when Tariq saw some of the White SeaLions lazing on the fine sand beach, swimming playfully by the beach, mummy seals calling their babies with a high-pitch singing voice, a few doing the nose-kissing while one or two standing majestically upright as if telling us he is the king of them all.

Or when Tariq had to look high up at the Koalas resting on a really high trees, watching the Koalas try to move from one tree branch to another which was not so easy and how Tariq had to be very careful not to stand right under the Koalas as their bowel habits are atrocious!

The feeling watching these animals in the zoo as compared to watching them at where they actually live are so different.

We can see their 'souls' there. We can see how their family units works. We can see how these animals live as a community. It gave us joy that was so deep and satisfying alhamdulillah.

And one special experience for Tariq was when I enrolled him into the Young Explorer Program at South Australian Museum. It was such a unique program by the Museum which allows little kids to explore how the Aborigines lived.

After the program ends, Tariq didnt want to leave the Museum and spend another 4.5 hours there, exploring almost all exhibits, asking questions of why and what and who and where!

Mama was super penat and exhausted by the end of that Museum Day! Lol

At the end of the trip, personally, I feel renewed and so did Tariq, alhamdulillah!

It is true what Oliver Wendell Holmes say about traveling,

'A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions'

It sure wont alhamdulillah.

Pony Rides! Super best!

Tariq in a pony ride. He chatted with the Kakak all the way. Mama and Baba wondered what were they talking about! Haha

Cold cold water! Brrrrrr

Is this the meteor that killed Dinasours, Mama..?

The spunky Hedgehog!

This is the longest slide we have ever seen! Easily 30 meters long!

An amazing structure that took 500millions to form subhanAllah! At Amazing Rocks formation at Kangaroo Island

Tariq and Baba with Imam Haitham at Adelaide Mosque..

Little chick Tariq so lovingly held to his chest..

Can you see the Black Sea Lions blended into the black stones?

Tariq carefully examining his subjects..

Tariq just sitting down there, watching the lambs..

Feeding the deer..

One of the challenging games at one of the playgrounds.

Baba trying to feed an Alpaca!

Can you see the Koala, Tariq?

Tariq, please dont leave me....

This little white lamb follows Tariq everywhere

Tariq's nose suddenly bleeds when we were riding the tractor. Alhamdulillah Dr Baba is in the house!

Here you are, Little girl...

Tariq gives the little chick he caught to a sweet little girl to play with..

Watching how a cow being milked never gets old!

Tariq prefers to climb over the fence instead of using the normal gate to enter..

I will miss you, Tariq.....*sob*sob*

This is what Mama imagine the cute lamb is saying..

.....and being spitted by it! It was hilarious!

Kids go wild at this little chicks inclusion!

A trampoline at the playground!

Sayang the little black lamb...

Tariq caught a little chick and gave to this little girl after watching her trying to catch one to no avail. What a gentleman, Tariq!

The Young Explorer Program at South Australian Program which Tariq attended.

This Hedgehog is really amazing. It uses its nose to dig the ground!

Old Mc Tariq had a farm... E I E I O...

One of the coolest playground Tariq enjoyed so much. It is by the Glenelg Beach. The playground consists of a Dam Experience for the kids!

A snake!!

Tariq had a little lamb, little lamb..
Tariq had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow....

This guinea pig tried to run from Tariq but caught at last!

Tariq had a major LOL moment with Baba and Mama!

We were riding the tractor and saw this huge Scottish cow! It is really big.

Another 'captured' lamb!

The amazing Australian Sea-Lions at Seal Bay.


Baba, look! The Sealions are swimming!