Loving The Wild - Inspirational Story as a Parent

Spending time with Wild Sea Lions at Kangaroo Island, South Australia is truly an extra-ordinary experience alhamdulillah!

Australian Sea-Lions is now one of the rarest species in the world. Their population is in constant decline. 

Tariq truly loves watching the sea-lions playing and swimming playfully with each other by the seaside, how they kinda kiss one another lovingly, how they roll around on the white super fine sandy beach of the Seal Bay, the loving high-pitch sound all Mummy sea-lions make when calling their babies, their adorable black button eyes and many more.

I enjoyed watching how these individual sea-lions laze around but at the same time they seems to stay together as one family unit. And most of all, I love it how when they sit right up, they look so magestic mashaAllah..

So many life lessons can be learnt from these beautiful creatures.

Tariq saw the same type of Sea-lions in Adelaide Zoo but nothing beats the experience watching these amazing sea-lions in their natural habitat!😍

It was then Tariq said to me,...

Mama, so sad and kesian Sea-Lions dekat the Zoo..they must be so sad because they cannot play at the sea, right..?

Yes sayang, you are spot on..

#lovethewildsealions #sadforthezoosealions